Is the Macbook Air M1 any good ? Thoughts from a PC user and taking a quick look at the logic board

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I got a Macbook Air M1 to see what hype was all about. Watch the video to see what my thoughts are and how it was transitioning from a PC to Mac.

Also, I wanted to see what the logic board looked like, so I took it out of the laptop to take a quick glance at it.

If anyone is interested, I’m considering doing a video to see if my M1 air has difference in video encoding quality.

Let me know in the comment below if want to see a video on this.

Hopefully, this video provides a different perspective on the M1 Air and will help you decide if it’s the laptop for you.

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  1. You can do the M1 thermal mod (see here in you tube) by adding thermal pads to the M1 heatsink, since you just opened the case. That way, the thermal throttling will be put off until later, for faster performance (at least on benchmarks).

  2. Lol I wasn't a fan on apple cause of the same reason but the m1 macs changed my mind completely. You complain a lot tho and are too biased in this review as a PC user

  3. Constant whining about a superior platform is tiresome and often ridiculous. No kidding— the M1 is not mature. Telling people to buy an Intel Mac at this point shows contempt for your less educated viewers.

  4. That Macbook Air will last about a good 20 years longer than those windows laptops you just mentioned.That's why you pay more for Macs you get a long lasting product that want slow down too much.Also Macs are more user friendly than PC's you're just not familiar with them yet.


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