Market volatility shakes Apple to the core, no longer most valuable company

After today’s market action, Apple is no longer the world’s most valuable company. With CNBC’s Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Brian Kelly, Tim Seymour, Steve Grasso and Karen Finerman. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

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  1. "No longer the most valuable company lol" GUYS IT"S APPLE!!!!! I wish I had money, I WOULD HAVE PURCHASED EVERY SINGLE share at 140-145

  2. Although< I have interests in global economics I don't watch the news anymore… I have enough FUD lol. Thanks for this news and offering your insight on how to navigate during unfortunate times/events like this. You're right about keeping level headed when investing so that's why I think it's important to limit the amount of FUD we consume. I don't watch the media but the news that you present has enough to know issues going on without riding the emotional rollercoaster if I were to watch the news everyday. Now I buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 23` btc from day trading with Dylan Gregory Signal in few weeks, this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish…

  3. There might be an economical turmoil but there is no doubt that this is still the best time to invest.

  4. 👨‍🔧The Democrats, Joe Biden ECONOMIC PLAN: Blame Russian president Putin, Blame the no power Republicans, Blame the companies’ CEO, Blame the top banks, Blame the microchip shortage, Blame China lock down COVID-19, Blame Donald Trump, point the finger at anybody who do not agreed with their plan👨‍🏫

  5. The wolf 🐺 is at the door, question is whether the little pigs 🐷🐽🐖 are in solid accommodation, coz if they ain't then their bacon is cooked. 🐖🐺🔥🤪😭💥☢️😅💀🤕🥳😈😃🌚🤠😆💩👺🌭☠️👹

  6. Love how everybody is an economist all of a sudden! Little tip: if you don't know something, just shut up.

  7. Apple stock is the place to hide during volatility. Even now, it's at its worst, the volatility is only 2.19. Buy and hold and hold no fear (Pun intended).

  8. I will never by anything apple has to offer, I went a few weeks ago to buy an iphone, and what a surprise apple was charging an extra 30 dlrs if you were not signed up with tmobil or att. They call it an activation fee. Needless to say I walked out and went to another store to buy a samsung phone for half the price.

  9. Paragraph 1:
    The total amount of money invested into global equities, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, blockchains, defis, NFTs, gold, commodities and the like will all be withdrawn as cash by institutional investors first, then retail investors, and everyone will hold onto cash for what? People will start paying their bills with cash that's what! Institutional investment funds will start paying their bills as well, inflation will eat up the money that was responsible for inflating stock and asset prices, and then assets will go down! If you don't have money invested into Apple, Apple's stock will become devalued, and then people will not have money to either repurchase the stock nor buy a new iphone.

    Paragraph 2:
    So, guess what? iPhone's prices will go down in order to sell them at cheaper prices where people can still afford it in order to generate the revenue numbers Apple needs in order to bring back invesment into their public stock. This is how it works. Right now, the best thing to do is to hold CASH! Bitcoin was never an inflation hedge, just look at it go up and down! Coinbase will file for bankruptcy and that will further devalue big tech and cryptocurrencies since big techs have mostly been buying cryptocurrencies to fuel their agenda as the next-age, anti-conservative asset class. Since major funds like ARKK and even conservative ones like Berkshire Hathaway by Warren Buffett have been buying into big tech, which buys into cryptocurrencies, a drop of USD 5,000 in Bitcoin means a chain reaction across the entire stock market, cryptocurrencies and alternative asset classes.

    Paragraph 3:
    For example, if Bitcoin goes to USD 20,000, Apple will drop by another 50%, Funds will start selling them off which will cause them to go down even harder so that they can recoup losses and return monies to investors in order to preserve their value of goodwill in the company as goodwill are usually valued very highly by established fund managers, which basically means Nasdaq will go down from 11,370 today to 9,000 tomorrow and then 7,000 the day after. Institutional shorters will win but at what cost? Everyone will suffer but that suffering is imminent due to the way the market works since institutional investors are all in it together.

    Paragraph 4:
    They will short the market so bad and halve the NASDAQ just to destroy cryptocurrencies only for it to rebuild itself again since cryptocurrencies have become a permanent fixture in today's society, which means an unlimited source of shorts for institutional investors, which means that the rich actually becomes richer and the everyday people become poorer. The more you believe you can beat the system, the more the system actually bets on the fact that you can't and profits when you are beaten down while you will rise again believing that you can beat the system, which becomes a cycle that never ends and it is eternal.

  10. Lol, the suppose to be professional really don't know how to read the market…

  11. I have been able to pay up my tax with the help of the service ☝️☝️ they got me $10,000 dollars into my cashapp account

  12. I have been able to pay up my tax with the help of the service ☝️☝️ they got me $10,000 dollars into my cashapp account

  13. A guest on The Wall Street Journal Report spoke sometime last week about making over $631,000 in 4months with a capital of $100,000, which made me realise that as a beginner i have a lot to learn, so please assist me with any pointers or tips that would help me make this much profit.

  14. This doesn’t frighten me. I can dollar cost down. This is my time to buy! This is the only individual stock I have and I want more for the long haul.


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