Essential Phone Android Oreo Review: New Features and Bugs

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  1. Watching on my essential phone pH 1 running Android 10 latest updates this phone is boss great video

  2. Buy this phone because it's running on Android Pie v9.0 and this update has taken the Essential PH1 to the next level. And the camera has greatly improved too.

  3. I love how everyone is bashing the camera….. ok listen don’t be a dumbass and pay 500.00 more for a camera lmao. Never seen and iPhone X or note 8 or for that matter pixel 2 photo that was any good I’d say out of the 1000s I’ve seen from my iPhone X or pixel. All phone cameras are just ok cause if they were so good you would see more professional jobs saving a ton a money and just buying a cell phone instead for Canon. Stop fooling yourselves to convince others otherwise. # wake up

  4. They claim a beta fix for slow scrolling issue. Does it still have that issue. Do you still recommend this phone in Feb 2018. Thanks!

  5. does it support fast charging? And how long it'll take to fully charge the phone from 0-100% with screen on and off (both of it)..please answer it asap coz the price really tempting now, been thinking to get in hand with it… and does it work in any country-is it international set?

  6. How is the network in ur place? seems that the phone is catching network low and sometimes none

  7. I updated to the beta yesterday and haven't noticed any of the additional battery discharge from having Bluetooth on. I have my Moto 360 connected all day, in addition to it connecting to my headphones and my car.

  8. Thanks for all the information you provided. I think I'll be taking this phone as my main go too device

  9. How is the brightness? I heard from many folks that brightness is very dull in daylight…is it true…

  10. Great Review At Least You Didnt Do What Cnet Done Took The Phone Used It To Hammer Nails Then Gave A Bad Review Saying I Wont Be Getting This Phone Anytime Soon. Liked Your Review Comments On Phone Subscribed To Your Channel Thankyou.

  11. I agree with you the Essential phone is a great phone for some additional reasons.

    I say this because…

    1. The software is buttery smooth at this time due to updates;

    2. What is the lousy Rap about the Earphone jack by others? The adapter combo DAC that comes with the USB C adapter is an outstanding, flexible, and impressive sounding accessory. Just think of it as a 3in. Extension of your cord and leave it plugged into your earbuds and take care of it, so as it will not get lost.

    One more thing, you know if you use a male to male extension wire you can play your Spotify Music at extreme quality levels and be the "Head In" for a 1,000 watt home stereo system. Try that and see how it sounds. There is a Hugh difference in the listening experience. The wire cost you a couple of bucks to try out.

    3. Due to recent updates on the camera's software, the camera now provides an upper-end point and shoot experience at this time. I recommend one install the free Adobe Express App as it integrates "Seamlessly" into the stock software during the post editing phase to finish polishing up your pics if you want too.

    4. Please Stop a minute and see the forest for the trees. This phone could be the last phone you ever purchase as for the most part it future proof. This phone OS is wide open and its a real Sleeper of a Phone. Within a few months, it's owners at that time will pull up next to a stop light and Samsungs and Apple high rollers will make lite of it one too many times. When the stop light goes Green, The Essential Phone, by that time, will have morphed into a Hot Rod Sleeper device that will blow the doors of the 700 to 1,000 multi-billion dollar Corporate phones leaving them in amazement. How will it be able to do this you may ask?

    5. The essential open source community will make this happen. There are signs of it already. Example, Android O already installable on this phone by its Geek leading edge initial following and Andy quietly let it happen on the sidelines.

    6. You are kind of right saying this phone is not for folks that just want to use it ideally out of the box.

    7. This phone is best served for the mid-level to an advanced crowd that loves the fact that They have "Power in the hands of the Few!

    8. Take a leap of faith save some bucks and jump on Andy's Essential Phone Train so you won't be left at the station.

  12. Next year, if they still make a phone. I hope they remove bottom bezel, bigger body and screen, keep the unique notch and maybe shrink it. Start at $599 or less and have super great cameras.

  13. Next year, if they still make a phone. I hope they remove bottom bezel, bigger body and screen, keep the unique notch and maybe shrink it. Start at $599 or less and have super great cameras.

  14. I'm gonna wait until the release of the final version I'm satisfied with how it came out the box for now

  15. I'm running a pixel modded launcher on the 8.0 beta. So, all the notification dots are the same color on the stock launcher?

  16. Did you really forgot about what is considered to be the main feature of Oreo, PiP?

  17. Jeff. How have you been bro? Busy here lately. I am very interested in possibly purchasing this one. It's just iconic I think. Would you say, this is on par with 3t? I've been happy with the 3t..Thanks man.

  18. Why are all of your notification dots green?
    Aren't supposed to change depending on the app or in the Essential Phone all are green?

  19. Jeff I know this is off topic but I should be getting a Pixel 2 soon in the mail. I'm running 8.1 beta on my blue Pixel. Should I revert back before transferring information to the new phone? Thanks

  20. Is your car a Benz? If so do you have the burmester stereo system in it? Just curious as my wife and I will be trading in soon.

  21. Another thing is that I'm trying to go back to stock following the steps in essential website but haven't been able to get phone to get recognize by pc matter what I try

  22. Any of you guys notice any issues when restarting the phone? When I restart the phone it goes to fastboot mode and I have to restart the phone several times to get get it to boot properly


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