Clear Advice to YOU! – iPhone 13 vs Samsung S22+

In this video, I compare the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus and the iPhone 13. You can also watch, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs …

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  1. Watching this video with my iPhone 13
    And it’s my first iPhone and really impressed with it

  2. I bought s8 and s10plus and regret. IPhone works for 8 years and samsung after 2 years loses its value. Will suggest iPhone anytime.
    Android is good up to 40k. But if u spending over 50 go for iPhone

  3. 1. Apple can get virus.
    2. On the official site, It's mentioned that you can't compare iOs and Android's geekbench score.
    Try not mis-informing the audience.

  4. Bhai wese koi mtlb nhi kisi ko samsung ke best hone ya na hone se
    Jise iphone lena hai bo iphone hi legaa

  5. Samsung is only brand phone this phone of not compete another phone.Samsung high security one UI and design is very awesome.Samsung22 +🥰🥰. And sir when iphone for camera made by samsung.Samsung is king👑👑of mobile industries.

  6. I was seriously thinking to switch iphone partly bcoz of premiumness and partly that brand value or status but as I come to thinking of iOS I cannot live with it it's to restrictive for a age old Android user….
    It limits ur choices…my main gripe is u cannot side load apps I cannot live without apks….

  7. Bhaiiii Mereko Toh IPhone ka Notch Accha Laghta Hain 🥰🥰

    Aagar IPhone Notch remove kar deya toh Android Jaisa Look Ho Jayega 🥲

  8. Im currently using s10 plus and thinking about upgrading to s22 can you please compare them

  9. Everything is right bro you information is excellent even I prefer Android also but apple launch 1 phone series and samsung launch many phones in a year so they continued developing over the year and apple learn whole year and put their knowledge in 1 time . That's why samsung beat apple after 6-8 months of apple phone .
    It's my openion

  10. Now a days photos of samsung s series is a little better than iphones but videos of iphones are hands down better than samsung


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