M1 iMac Pro – Maybe I should Have Waited…

We have heard a lot of rumors swirling about the next iMac Pro and all of the features it will bring like a brand new design, with more ports than the M1 iMac, and a beautiful 120hz promotion mini-led display that will make it the ultimate all-in-one workstation for HDR video editing. However, we are now hearing even more reports that I may been wrong about the iMac Pro not being special… and it may have even more power than the M1 Max chip that is found in the MacBook Pro, in fact it could come with double the power of the M1 Max chip if these rumors turn out to be true.

Renders & Concept Sources
Ian: https://rendersbyian.com/
Kahn Design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQUO_AsbFlE
Andrea Copellino: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErELvB2Mjws

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  1. So I am still happily using an imac 2013 up till now … But this .. is tempting if its real

  2. 27” at least, Max M1 chip, huge SSD and RAM max options, SDcard slot, and lots of USB and thunder ports, or they are not listing to what consumers want.

  3. Greg that T-shirt you have on is just too sexy. You really need to tone it down 😀

  4. so glad I didn't buy the new MacBook. Im good with my MacBook Pro 2019. Def getting the desktop when it releases!

  5. Apple could but their not. They never deliver others predictions. Never have never will

  6. The M1 Max iMac Pro is what I've been waiting for. Though, I had hoped they would do an M1 Max Mac Pro with the old "trashcan" design. Still love that design, one of my favorites.

  7. Better speakers on an iMac Pro? But who cares about speakers on this kind of product which are usualy plugged to an external hi-quality audio interface and external audio monitors? We use the internal speakers just to check how our sound is on " an average consumer product" as we do on our car stereo or on the bluetooth speaker in the kitchen.
    Lots of ports (a max' of thunderbolts, and HDMIs because we work on more than one monitor), a big screen (32), 128 Go ram and a "M1 ultimate ultra" chip (or whatever the name as long as we've powaaa), that's important.

  8. All I want is a 24inch iMac with the specs of the Base model 14Inch Macbook Pro

  9. They need to put the Damn Chin in the back and then we can get more screen on the front!

  10. If the screen is going to stay at 27 inch I wonder if it will stay at 16×10. I have been using a MacMini with a HawieMate which is a 28inch 16×12 screen. The actual width is about the same as the 27inch Apple but the vertical e height is massive. This proving very useful for editing because I am not short of space below the edit window. For creatives I think 4:3 is more useful in a big screen, in smaller screens the wide is better. The ultra wide screens which are a new trend look good but vertical height is terrible so in practice they are flawed.

  11. I would expect the iMac pro will have both the Pro and Max chip sets and I think its likely (but not certain) they'll do a top end machine with the duo max chipset (two M1 max combined). The pro mac mini will have the same range, although probably not the duo-max chipset. I think that will be in the base mode Mac pro. Given the modularity of the Mac pro chasis, i would if they could put two quad-mac chips set in a single chasis for really top end performance.

  12. The public will hear about it when Apple presents it to the public. All,of the speculations from Youtubers aren’t helpful.

  13. I wonder how many people actually use all the power even in the lowest powered mac of any of these series outside creatives.

    I don't know, I think they could make an XDR looking iMac pro without the chin and a lot of us want it. They could still have the same great sound by making it a bit thicker. Seems to be the trend on their new pro models. Personally I never use internal speakers anyway so I don't care but I can see why many do. But I mean really….. As long as it looks great most people spending the kind of money they do on a Pro iMac version don't need the thinnest thing possible. It looks cool but it sits on a desk typically for the duration of its use. Make it thicker, get rid of the chin, and give me a ton of thunderbolt ports and I may stop waiting for the new Mac Pro, cross grade over to the thunderbolt based blackmagic i/o boxes and call it a day.. 😁

  14. I love that you think Apple wouldn't do something that wouldn't make sense. Yeah, they'd never do that. lol

  15. 3:30 what sort of Pro uses one monitor. Seriously , this out the first video I’ve watched of yours and I’m shocked you think professional video editors and creatives use one monitor and don’t want standard hdmi to free up a valuable USB-C port.

  16. I believe the chipset will be Dual M1 Max and Quad M1 Max, and it’s possible for the iMac Pro to get the Dual M1 Max, while the Quad M1 Max will be reserved for the highest tiers of the Mac Pro.

  17. I'm holding out for an M1 Max iMac Pro, hoping for 32" but I know thats not the rumors. I love my 27" iMac Pro and can't wait to get the new one.

  18. These new Mac movies are pathetic. Every YouTuber speculates only to increase his viewership. There is no TRUTH and certainty in it. You might as well ask your neighbor what the new Apple computers will be like, and there will be as much truth and certainty about it!

  19. iMac Pro will have the chin, otherwise it would reveal the tall stand and that would look ugly

  20. Yeah, I agree. I think it'd be best to wait until the computers reach their pinnacle before buying. The day will come.

  21. What if I just want that beautiful 27" screen and all the ports…
    …but only, say, a "modest M1 plus" chip, without the extreme hundreds of cores and mega-horsepower in it?
    Am I the only one to whom the 24" iMac is definitely not enough — but also doesn't need to pay for a supercomputer on his desk?

  22. subscribed/like no need for him to stress if he should have waited to buy, you should buy every model for review purpose each year

  23. The last iMac Pro started at $3k and up. But they still need true $2k iMacs still. So maybe the pro will be $2k and the max be $3k. Then after the Mac Pro comes out they can come out with a $6k iMac and $5k MacBook Pro with Mac Pro class chips. Apple is trying to double the price points like they did with just about every other consumer product they have. The high end of tier is double the price of the low end.

  24. It seems that anything new apple comes out with is something all YouTube tech channels have been “waiting for”

  25. Wait, 4 M1 Max'es SOCs in one? Huh. That sounds like what they'd put in the cheese gra- I mean mac pro. That would be cool, 128 gpu cores would be insane. I wonder how it would compare to the rtx 3090 and rx6900xt.

  26. Meh. If display doesn't get bigger, there's nothing at all compelling about it over my intel iMac.. plus, I can still run bootcamp for my windows stuff. its a "Nope" for me.

  27. Waiting for 27” iMac M1 with the baited breath and I hope “chins” will go away, otherwise I’m not buying and sticking to my M1 Mac mini


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