What it's like to game on a M1 Max

So I tried to game on the M1 Max just to see what’d happen and as expected it wasn’t great. I also took the opportunity to try and …

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  1. Great video, as usually, bro!
    I will be happy to see your opinion on a new Mac Studio. Looks like it’s a great way to go for the guys like me, who do music and video editing, but can’t afford a new Mac Pro.

  2. The problem with Apple is not supporting common graphic API, such as Vulkan.. On the other hand, developers do not want to support metal API for AAA titles because of the market share. I see the only solution is that Apple needs to throw money at publishers and get exclusive titles (just like consoles) to get more AAA games. But I do not see Apple doing this because there's no profit by doing this. Apple prefers mobile gaming with loot boxes

  3. What I'd like to see it's the native Windows (Bootcamp) vs Mac conversion vs crossover on an intel Mac (possibly a recent one). There's people out there that still believe that crossover doesn't have a performance overhead (or it's negligible), and think that Mac conversions are perfect, or Rosetta = native performances. So if M1Max performs like a 1080 on crossover then there you go, it has poor performances in gaming compared to a modern gpu. can we demystify this?

  4. they scammed people even the old macbook pro with 5600m perfoms better in games…u think with m1 max they are gonna be a native windows nah its gonna be on m7 max and if…

  5. Do you have Farming simulator 22? I want to buy a macbook with m1, but I will miss this game… I know it runs, but how good compared with a gtx 1660ti?

  6. I just purchased Metro Exodus for Mac via Steam. My operating system meets all the requirements. I've tried everything but it won't run. Steam is up to date, my Mac is up to date, I've verified the local files, patched everything, I've tried the workaround launch by viewing package contents and going from there, I've allowed full disk access to Steam and the game, un-installed, re-installed multiple times, checked my security preferences, etc. This is infuriating and steam offers no help whatsoever! WTF do I do????

  7. Hmmm, a computer maker that did nothing but put garbage GPUs in their computers for decades doesn't have a large game library? I am shocked. My 2009 Mac Pro with a high end GPU crushes computers from 2021, 12 YEARS later.

  8. Big fan of the Definitive Mac Pro Upgrade Guide and you are starting to convince me to buy a M1 macbook pro. I just need to get over the mental hurdle that I would be buying a laptop that is a glorified ipad.

  9. I love watching your vida while having dinner! Greetings from Mexico

    Btw, the video looks pretty nice


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