Budget 4K Monitor vs Studio Display – Closer Than You Think…

The Studio Display is a great monitor, but dat price… So how does it stack up against a “cheap” 4K monitor from LG?

Products featured in this video:
⮕ LG 27UP850-W 4K (2021 version): https://geni.us/LG27UP850
⮕ LG 27UN850-W 4K (2020 version): https://geni.us/27UN850
⮕ Studio Display: https://geni.us/studiodisplay27
⮕ BenQ ScreenBar Plus: https://geni.us/benqplus
⮕ CalDigit Thunderbolt 3 Dock: https://geni.us/tbdock

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00:00 Introduction
01:26 Build Quality
02:34 Stand
03:17 Connectivity
04:38 Speakers
05:11 Webcam
05:31 Controls
06:02 Display Panel
07:35 Colors
08:05 Which One Should You Get?


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  1. I have 4K 27UL850W – great : ) Connected via TS4 from CalDigit to 13 M1 MacBook Pro

  2. Let's be serious… Many people have bought very affordable 13" MacBook's M1 (Air and Pro) for about $900-1000… All these people probably would like to have a bigger screen when they use their laptops from home and would probably buy it from Apple if they have any reasonable product… but $1600? That's completely crazy. I agree, it's a nice display, but for the half of the price you can buy good 32" 4k IPS… and use it with MacBook, PC, Xbox or Playstation.

  3. I have this LG display. I also have a 5k 27” iMac. I do not have a Studio Display. I have the LG display next to my iMac and I use it with my work computer. The iMac is my personal computer. I can say that without a doubt the iMac display is FAR better than the LG. Just glancing from the iMac to the LG, the text is so much blurrier. It also doesn’t get as bright. And the speakers suck. If the Studio Display is anything close to the iMac screen it is WELL worth $1600, at least to a design professional like myself.

  4. was looking at LG monitors but ended up getting DELL S2722QC on sale for $360AUD ($250US), which i thought was really good deal, had everything i was after IPS/4K/USBC, so far been great for the price.

  5. The worst things about a Mac:
    – if I don't own an apple monitor (I have a 4K Samsung) you don't get the right scale
    – if I don't buy magnet app, I have no decent window management
    – if I don't buy Crossover or a virtual machine software, I can't play almost nothing (and still very limited)
    – if I have a 120 Hz Monitor or TV, I won't get a 120 Hz/VRR signal
    – I have reduced NAS/ network performance versus other PC

  6. 60hrz lcd monitor for $1600 is a joke.
    Just get LG 42inch 120hrz Oled C2 monitor for $1300. Spend your money wisely

  7. I have 25" LG UltraWide used for external monitor along with my 2018 macbook pro. It is a lot cheaper and just doing great for my daily "coding" tasks or watching movies 😁

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  9. I have a lg 32inch ultra fine and a 27 inch Ultra fine. But my old 5k iMac is way better you notice the difference when you get it in your workspace. I am getting the apple monitor. plus when you edit 4k video it's pixel for pixel and you can still have your pallets

  10. I really like your videos, but what annoys me is that I need to watch them at 1,25 x speed. Otherwise, I fall asleep. Except that, great job keep growing <3

  11. I have the LG and don't have any scaling issues or any lag it is perfect for this price.

  12. I have both of these monitors, they’re not close at all. The difference in image quality is greater than the difference in price for me.

  13. I have bought the Lg a few days before the new studio display have launched. I think you are the only one who made a comparison with these two monitors, which is really great. I asked myself for a long time of what the differences are!

  14. Ask any creative director or person who video shoots and then does editing on a high end tech display, they'll tell you there's a difference in the display. The studio display is insane!

  15. Have to support the aussies! Well done mate. I have been thinking about a monitor but can’t justify the mega bucks for the studio display

  16. Manufacturers should STOP making matte display! And making displays lesser than 200 ppi should be a crime!

  17. I own both the lg 5k and the studio display and a 4K display. If you have an M1 mac like my M1 Max MacBook and do professional work that’s not hdr the studio display is a great update and well worth the extra $300 over the lg 5k. The studio display is a different panel the the LG that’s brighter and unlike the LG 5k can playback HDR YouTube videos (though you technically can’t edit in HDR). Also there is no lag in waking up from sleep, a problem that has plagued m1 macs since day 1 when using third party external displays… sometimes it takes 10-15secs of button and mouse smashing to wake up which gets really annoying, the studio display is INSTANT, this alone is worth it to me, it truly is and feels like one machine at last. The speakers are amazing I don’t care about the webcam as it’s going to get compressed and look like shit anyways though Skype etc. Also if you are in photo or design there is no going back to 4K after using 5k it’s much more important for work where you need to zoom in and make small selections than HDR, you have to zoom/lean in half as much to see things. I still think it’s a bit overpriced but there is nothing else that has these crucial specs for photographer using m1 Macs (other the $7000 Pro Display XDR). The build quality is fantastic and the $400 stand upgrade (though well made) is a slap in the face from apple. That’s it

  18. This is the PERFECT VIDEO! Thank You for making this!!! definitely thinking about getting one of those 4k monitors for my macbook air m1 2020.

  19. Be aware of using a mac with a 27" 4k resolution, it effects your overall performance. You will run into some heavy gpu scaling because it isn't native. The native mac upscaling resolution for 27" is 5k.

  20. Great video. New subscriber. YouTube rarely recommends interesting content but I’m already browsing yours with a grin on my face and look forward to creating a playlist of your work. Thanks, Paul.

  21. I have the slightly older version of that LG. It’s really very good. I’ve mostly been using it as a secondary monitor for my 27” iMac (2017) borrowed from my employer to WFH.

    The colour accuracy was not far off the iMac’s display, it was bright and crisp, and though not Retina, it was barely noticeable if sitting a comfortable distance away.

    I’ve had to return the iMac though I’m continuing to WFH, but was using my newish M1 MacBook Air more anyway (the Fusion drive of the iMac was annoying slooooow).

    To make up for this, I’ve twisted my employers arm to order me a 32” LG Ultrafine 32UN880 Ergo 🙂

    I think I’m going to be pretty happy with that, so will probably sell my 27UL850, even though it’s so good.


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