Apple Watch Series 7 First Impressions (Starlight Nike Edition)

It’s Apple Watch Series 7 launch day, which means customers who pre-ordered last Friday are receiving their deliveries. We picked up one of the new Series 7 models and thought we’d go over the features and compare it to the Series 6 for those who are still awaiting their own devices or who are on the fence about purchasing.

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  1. The starlight color just doesn’t sit right. Silver stainless steel it is and Nike band on the side 💪

  2. Please try to also compare it to older models, not just last year’s since basically no one except tech reviewers buy a new one every year

  3. Going to hold onto my series 6, don’t really see any reason to upgrade. Thanks for the video!

  4. SE is cheaper and is worth the money. Sorry was going to upgrade but just like my 11 pro max I skip the 12 and waited for the 13 pro max due to minor changes and features upgrades on the hardware and firmware. So wait if u got the SE or the 6 just my opinion.

  5. I preordered on the day it was available to preorder, it still hasn’t processed yet….it still says processing on the Apple store app

  6. So what is the main concern regarding battery? Do we need a bigger battery causing the watch to be thicker? A different battery composition? Or just forced to wait for a smaller nm process to reduce consumption?

  7. I own the 6 can’t see the point in paying for the upgrade it’s doing exactly the same as the latest

  8. The starlight color looks really bad, so there is not a single good looking aluminum option. Which is how Apple is trying to push us to buy stainless steel version I guess. Also in my opinion the bigger watch with same band looks worse, like wrong size of a band is attached too it. Overall I really don’t like what they did this year. And when it comes to functionality, there is nothing exciting compared to my S4 (20 % faster CPU is a joke, faster charging unneccesary, AOD I would turn off and oxygen meter is a gimmick to me). So this year it’s a hard pass for me.

  9. Initially I didn't like the S7 at launch, but seeing it in-person it's a lot nicer. I can appreciate the larger display and smaller bezels (although it still looks a bit awkward), but I just got an SE a year ago so will wait probably wait for the S9.

  10. My series 5 broke (glass exploded) when felt from 1 meter tall over my kitchen floor tiles, it was ridiculous because it touched the floor on one side, not a direct hit on the glass face . Aplle said the watch received a “severe hit” and they did not care at all. Never again buying one of these watches with poorly designed housings. They need to change everything for future models, not only say that the glass is harder than ever….

  11. Pre-ordered mine as soon as I could, aluminium blue 45mm, with abyss blue sport solo loop, expected to come in between 25 oct-2 nov. Shame

  12. I had a S6 and sold my S6 to get a S7…all about resale value. This way I can get a new watch with better battery health for 150$ and then next year sell my s7 for 500$ and get the new s8 😉

  13. Useful review, but the 45mm size is a slight concern, I have one on order – what is the diameter of your wrist please?

  14. The fundamental problem with the Apple Watch is that it just looks cheap, but isn't. To me it looks like a children's toy and, quite frankly, the $10 Casio W217H or $20 W-800H look far more stylish. They are also accurate, functional and have batteries that last nearly seven years. Also cheap enough to throw away and get a new one when the battery eventually fails. Neither Apple nor Casio make it as dress watches, so I guess most people will have an extra watch for more formal or special occasions. For activity monitoring there are plenty of relatively cheap alternatives with apps.
    If only the Apple Watch was more 'grown up' and stylish rather than looking like cheap beachwear.

  15. Only the tech crowd upgrades the Apple Watch every cycle. Comparing to older models would be more helpful 🙂

  16. Yesterday I ordered the Apple Watch Nike Series 7 GPS, 45-mm Midnight
    Aluminium Case with Black Nike Sport Loop 😎⌚️ it’s going to take 5 to 6 weeks to come ⌚️

  17. I want to see the S7 41mm display vs the S5/6 44mm display sizes. I could be saving $30 possibly getting the S7 41mm with the similar display size of the older generations would be nice.

  18. Why get rid of gold aluminum Apple?!?!?!? Why??? I almost don’t want to get one just because of that.

  19. I preordered mine literally the first hour it went live on the Apple page on Oct 15. But from after check out it said it would arrive by Nov 2 or something alongside that. It’s a bit disappointing since I thought it would at least arrive to me this same week if not today. Sadly I guess that’s not how the pre-orders work. Still to this moment they haven’t even shipped it 😔

  20. My wife got the white/white Nike watch you have there. I got the graphite stainless. Loving it so far.

  21. I have yet to get an Apple Watch. I don’t like the screen bezels on the SE and I’ll
    Be saving up for a watch so I think I’ll decide at that point if I want the 7 or wait a few more months once saved up for the series 8.


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