iPhone 14/14 Pro Camera Leaks & No USB-C!

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iPhone 14 & 14 Pro leaks reveal improved cameras and a periscope camera for better optical zoom is in its future. Don’t count on USB-C for the iPhone 14/14 Pro, the HomePod is not dead and the Apple Watch Series 8 feels like a pass right now.

0:00 Intro
0:18 iPhone 14/14 Pro Leaks
1:15 USB-C?
2:17 iPhone 14/14 Pro Camera Leaks
4:37 Apple’s Next Smart Home Device
7:10 Apple Watch Series 8 Health Features
9:08 iMovie 3.0: Movie Magic & Storyboards
10:49 Apple TV+ is getting NFL Sunday Ticket?

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  1. Apple phones have become lame all they EVER do is upgrade camera when they going to catch up to Samsung they need a foldable with a small Apple Pencil with remote for camera catch up apple.

  2. Brian been with u since CNET…the new version of a day late and a dollar short for 🍎
    Is 10 years Late and
    More $$$ than u want to spend..
    Android Lives 🤩

  3. I promised I'd only upgrade my apple watch if they ever put in a camera so I could talk to my wrist like in those spy movies. I wish I was joking.

  4. They have to INVENT a new method to measure blood glucose, otherwise pinching the finger tip would require them to sterilize the surface first then the sterile needle and to wipe out the blood drop….. 😁 and so on!!! On the other hand BP monitoring looks more real. Let’s hope for the best! 🙏👌

  5. Briang tong voice gives nostalgia when he was at cnet apple byte host and still good looking lol

  6. Tongy!!!!! I love you A-hole. Misss ya big dog. Great video as always! That’s a rad apple!

  7. I agree 100%…..no new iPhone until it has a USB C. I mean you’d think a company that boast of being ECO friendly would jump all over minimizing such waste created by an old, make that really old, cable. Apple…..come on !

  8. All I want from Apple now is : Quality industry leading camera systems, FULL FILE TRANSFERS BETWEEN DEVICES, and Type C ports on phones

  9. Everything I need to charge, including my iPad charges with USB-C. If it wasn’t for USB-C on the iPad I might still be using an iPhone. Way to go Apple.

  10. STOP SAYING LEAK! When none of this sh*t is truly legit..

    This is not a leak… definitely need to change the title to “ClickBate”

  11. When it comes to marketing,and especially, innovation Apple loses the plot by focusing all its attention on the United States. Which is limited to only about 360 million people including Canada. For example these new features in iMovie are so mainstream and gimmicky it’s laughable. And, the rest of the world doesn’t really care for all the new Sports and TV programming. Apple must wake up and start thinking globally.

  12. You rock B Tong. I seriously don’t know how you put out so much content. I’m psyched about the iMovie updates. I also might have to get Apple TV now with all the shows and sports they’re adding.

  13. Everything in my house is apple hardware and software. Im completely locked into the apple ecosystem.

  14. U said iOS 9 instead of watchOS9 chief. What is this 2015?! Oh… Lord ! I can’t 😂 Oh my goodness. 😂

  15. I’m hoping for a new iPod purely to use for music and podcasts in the gym. Smart home is miles behind on Home apps. I use TP Link for smart plugs and lights and their system is excellent

  16. Ridiculous, I will not get another iphone until they go usb c. I don't want to carry so many cables for ipad, mac and iphones. It's stupid.

  17. Only apple can sell dog shit with apple logo and dumb customers will buy it 😂

  18. iMovie will have great Movies for Drones and Baseball also AR and more like New Fitcher Tim. and Better Work with Final Cut and iMovie and Logic Pro and there Will be Also Free Easy Logic and Easy Final Cut for Free even in iPhone 14 like I Said. Next Year.

  19. Apple Watch 8 Will have Less Borders on Screen in Sides in killer idea. also regular iPhone 14 Work.

  20. The 14 Max for 1,000$ will have 3 Camera with a Notch Stupid. and the 1,200$ iPhone Pro and 1,300$ will have no Notch. and Regular will cost 900$ with Excellent hardware And Software Tim. also Siri in iPhone 14 could Opparte iRobot and Open Door to Guest in killer idea Tim to Parents only in easy Sentance.

  21. Until Siri is significantly updated… I’m not inviting apple into the home. Even with slow dictation, the Siri failure rate is light years behind Alexa or Google imho.

  22. Still using my iPhone pro max because there was not that much difference in the 12 & 13. If Apple were serious about improving their cameras they would improve real issues like when recording a video you can't PAUSE and restart. Don't tell me I can use another app to fix that. Apple should fix it in the camera itself.

  23. iPhone 14 will be boring, I think iPhone 18 will be the game changer , the product that will return Apple to innovation again.

  24. I feel like when Apple finally does the zoom feature Samsung Zooming feature is just going to blow the iPhone away
    But still can’t wait for it I’ll definitely purchase it

  25. I have the 13 pro max I think I’m going to keep this phone for two years no need to upgrade seems as if they don’t know what to do so I’ll pass

  26. The ugly ass square protruding camera bump in the back is why I’m passing. Hope the 15 has flush cameras.

  27. 2022 (February) is the year I cancelled appleTV+ because they just have nothing interesting. 90% of their content pretty much falls into "America is great" or 'American stories/people'. Um hello, there is a whole world out there!