Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra vs iPhone 13 Pro Max – Is It FAIR?

This is NOT gonna end well…

So for the longest time it’s been Samsung versus Apple, Galaxy versus iPhone, up to the point where even names became a competition. First they were both regulars and then they went Plus, and then one switched to Pro, so the other couldn’t go out like that, it had to switch to Ultra, all as a way to call out that their product was better than the other.

Over that time we’ve done our thing with comparisons, but calling out a winner was always complicated because, as it turns out, each approach is different. For Samsung it’s always been this battle of numbers and capabilities while for Apple, being late has allowed for better implementation.. Or at least most of the time.

On one corner we have the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung’s cream of the crop when it comes to its conventional and photography-focused flagship, and on the other we have the iPhone 13 Pro Max, where for Apple, Pro has become a designator for its camera capabilities. The question is, though, which phone does it better? And I’m not just talking about the cameras. I’m Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let’s dive into our comparison.

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  1. I had to choose and decided to stay with Samsung ( I got offered $700 credit for my s10+ vs $300 if I had gone with the iPhone).. but honestly I like the weight of the iPhone (I’m always asking my friend to hold his) and I wish Samsung would get rid of the curves.. it annoys me that I have to have my phone on a case because the edges keep reacting to my hand, also using the s-pen around the edges is horrible.

  2. yea I've been using iphones for years now and I've liked them and became accustomed to them but last year I bought my first android flagship the s21ultra and wow I was amazed and not too long after I was convinced it was far better than both my 12promax and now 13promax. Samsung/android flagships just offer more and has me convinced that I'm actually getting my money's worth, while iphones just give the best BASIC experience but nothing special to battle Samsung. As of now I traded in my s21ultra for s22ultra and should be arriving soon and I only keep my 13ProMax as my backup phone.

  3. Samsungs are nice but I had a few slow way down and even one to stop working. Lack of app developers and corporate bias towards iphone mobile support and android devices 2nd. For example, a corporate text with a hyper link would usually only work for 1 device and not the other. iPhone 📲 wins that arena and they are ordered directly from the supplier. Hence the reason Samsung devices are more so a toy/gadget loaded with “cool” tricks for kids. iPhone = business needs and the main reason why Apple sells enough not to care about this review 😉

  4. For me its the Iphone. Battery life optimisation and the os is more stable than Android. When Android will be more optimised I will go back to it.

  5. Open Source Vs. Close door Source. Yes I know IOS is really what your paying of and not the hardware. But who care if the software isn't available for advance people. If your that type who's contentment is simple then your free to choose IOS. But for those people who would like to explore more and making their smart phone customizable. The Android is you nee.

  6. imo battery outweighs virtually everything on a phone. If you want to take amazing photos, buy a camera.

    The point of a phone is for it to be reliable and have longevity, and most importantly, have a good battery life. The iphone wins in those 3 areas therefore making it, imo, the best phone by far, especially when the battery lasts ~25% longer despite being only 86% the capacity of the s22 ultra battery.

  7. okay la o buy s22 ultra .. 13promax no stock urgent need new phone ,, last one screen rekt by my daugter haha

  8. This is not even fair, you should do this in September, it’s last years iPhone pro max

  9. Apple will again introduce something that Android phones have been using for ages and then call it revolutionary technology(i.e.punch hole camera) and the I-sheep will go nuts over it. It's like they've been living in a bubble.

  10. I have both. Selling the iPhone. The only thing it has above the Samsung is the battery but there's settings to help. Iphone is still far behind and very basic after using both for over 2 months

  11. i know Apple has caught up and has, in some cases, past Samsung. though i will still remember the good old times when apple would add in a new feature, and me and my friends would go "ha, Samsung had that like 3 years ago" lol

  12. Used the s21 ultra and the s22 ultra and I can ultimately say the iPhone 13 pro max is a better phone to me.

  13. If your an adult, parent, head of household, professional, businessman or businesswoman, buy the S22 Ultra as it’s the more mature phone.

    If you are a kid, or addicted to social media, buy an iPhone.

  14. Bullshit ecosystems aren’t even close. That’s what Apple does great. It’s more than a watch and headphones try using your Iphone with a Mac and a tablet. iPhones always have a better resale value bc the iPhone 6 is still getting updates and the iOS is just butter. There is nothing on the market that is better than an iPhone an iPad Pro and Mac specially with the new M1 chips different tools have different use cases and cramming all those features on a phone is what makes the android iOS garbage as well as the battery life. You can have the right hardware for different task or you can have once piece of hardware does everything just not that great. Like that old saying states, ‘if your good at everything your excellent at nothing."

  15. one of my biggest frustrations why the heck Samsung (Android) can't/doesn't show the user the battery power on their headset… yes there are add-on apps that can do this but this should be a natively shown.

  16. I'm a publicist. I prefer the iPhone13 Pro Max. It is an excellent work tool. I work and live surrounded by Apple devices for the same reason. I work very well with the ecosystem. Privacy and productivity is what I need. Apart from all that, a year the Samsung S22 has depreciated a lot, while the iPhone is still worth what you paid for it. No thanks. I'm sticking with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, until the iPhone 14 Pro Max comes out.

  17. as soon as some complains about the weight of a phone I stop listening., Dude if a phone is heavy for you go to the gym because that's sad.

  18. I had a few notes. Barely used the pen. In fact. I only used to show ppl I had one. That was about it’s only use

  19. A lot of these tech channels will glorify Samsung over apple because of “specs” but will use a iphone as there daily driver, take these videos with a grain of salt. You are better off trying each side and figuring out what platform you like best don’t let these channels persuade you.

  20. I like your constructive criticism of both sides however Samsung got caught cheating in benchmark tests. Samsung has issues too.

  21. Everything about android is cool until it’s time for you to message your friends w Apple

  22. Android seems to think about the owner of the phone . iPhone I think thinks about everyone . May not look like much on the outside as far as the most fancy gadget in the building but the magic happens inside your messages and FaceTime and actual functions of the CELL PHONE . bcuz that’s what these are first ! Communication devices if u will phones …. The iPhone is the greatest phone of all time bcuz the communication process is fun everything else is soooooooo extra lol

  23. The main thing that makes iPhone 13 pro max or any iPhone for that matter , is the Apple eco system . Not about the camera or screen or how big the phone is none o that matters as much as seeing the blue messages compared to the green . This is ALL THAT MATTERS blue> green . End of comparison

  24. Absolutely sir that’s why I want for the Samsung galaxy S22 ultra because of its S pen 🖊 and the camera 🎥 zoom is insane

  25. Android just isn’t as stable as iOS, plain and simple, left Android after 12 years.

  26. I tried both and Samsung lets you do more with the phone. Apple's other products are all really good (pods, watch…), but other then battery life, iPhone doesn't come close.

  27. Love the review, not that samsung has fixed the camera issues could you do another short review?

  28. I think the only people watching this video are samsung owners trying to convince themselves they made a right choice. A buddy of mine with an android showed me this video, I was like why are you watching comparison videos? IPHONE is superior!


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