How To Set DYNAMIC iPhone Wallpapers on iOS 14.3 !

iOS 14.3 new feature lets you set iPhone dynamic wallpapers. Learn how to set dynamic wallpapers on iOS 14.3 on the lock screen and home screen that will change automatically.

With the release of iOS 14.3 there is an amazing new feature that lets you set dynamic wallpapers on your iOS 14 device. The wallpapers will change automatically at the set time.

Shortcut link:


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  1. Hi, I updated to 14.3 and overnight it goes out of the battery 5-7%, with 14.2 I didn't have this problem! do you have any idea what to do?11 pro

  2. When setting the automaton for say 14.00 and then comes to 14.00. It doesn’t change. Manually pressing it works

  3. How to remove that notification when shortcuts run after click that icon? Please help that’s so annoying me.

  4. The only thing that sucks when using icons for your shortcuts such as texts is that you can’t get it to set a motivation when you get one like normal texts…

  5. ok, the video says to download "autowall" shortcut, and when I go to shortcut link for icloud it sends me to a apple app site…..where can you download "autowall", Please help!

  6. Mine whenever trying the one on the Home Screen icon it brings up the wallpaper set up screen. What did I do wrong?

  7. I was literally waiting for someone to do a how to video on this ?
    I set mine to change after 3 hours continuously ?

  8. Meh. That’s sooooo BORING until they let us have real LIVE WALLPAPERS without have to press on the screen.

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