BEST Monitor for the Mac Studio!!! (NOT the Apple Studio Display)

Alienware QD-OLED + MAC STUDIO = TRUE LOVE!!! ❤️
In this video, I tell you why you should skip the Apple Studio display, and get the Alienware AW3423DW QD-OLED for your Mac Studio!

Link to cable you need:

Shot with Canon R5 + RF 24-70 f/2.8

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  1. have you noticed any issues with text clarity? How would you compare it to a 4k IPS monitor with 140ppi?

  2. I really liked the sound from the lavalier microphone, please tell me – what model do you use? And thank you for such a calm and relaxed presentation)

  3. That is a very bright room full of sunlight from large windows a few feet away. And the aw3423dw still looks bright enough to you? If so, that is amazing. I am less worried about my semi-dark cave.

  4. Does the pixel shifting annoying you? When you work is the pixel shifting visible?

  5. That isn’t an oled colorimeter…. Need the display pro plus version. I’m doing content creation with 8k cameras and would most definitely not recommend this screen. Perhaps editing 1080 iPhone video foe YouTube would work great. 1000 nits is a 1% window and not sustained. I’d guess full field white would be around 200 nits in sdr.

  6. I just wish this would be 3840×1600 @ 38 inch.. rather than 34 with a lower resolution.

  7. Thanks for the review…got one question? How much noise does it make? from what i see on the backside it has some sort of heat dissipation i suppose it. fans inside as well. In normal working conditions do you hear the noise? asking this because wanted to buy one for my music production studio, where is very important to have silent machines )) kind regards

  8. Great review. 2 Questions: 1) Is the screen glossy, or matte? And, 2) can the mac support 2 of these?

  9. Why no mention about the text clarity ? How about text clarity in mac os ? is it sharp enough ?

  10. Very nice display. I have the Studio Display but only edit SDR. I love how bright the QD gets but I wish it were more elegant looking. It's very gamy.

  11. Just curious, what are your display settings for the monitor? Are you using default resolution or scaled display resolution?

  12. I love your relaxed nature of explaining things. Thank you for doing a Mac + AW QD showcase, it looks so clean on your desk.

  13. I know it is all perception, but the ugliness of the Alienware design wastes all my user experience and somehow also my workflow and concentration.

  14. How is the calling on the Mac with that monitor I thought 5k would be sharper? I’m using a 4K and it’s not very sharp.

    Can you get high refresh rate like 120hrz on the mac studio with that monitor?


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