Who is the M2 MacBook Air for? | Mark Ellis Reviews

Last week, Apple launched both the M2 chip and the M2 MacBook Air. But who is this new laptop for? And, more importantly, is the M1 MacBook Air still a viable option? Let’s get into it!

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00:00 – Intro
00:59 – The specs
03:16 – M1 vs M2 MacBook Air
04:36 – Everyday use
05:31 – Pushing the limits
07:47 – Who is the M2 MacBook Air for?


  1. I don’t understand – you went for the most expensive specs, and then said that the laptop was too expensive??? Couldn’t you do that with every laptop. Mac noob here.

  2. i feel like the m2 air is for people who dont already have a MacBook and do want the added new features (upgraded speakers, display, etc.) rather than an upgrade for people who already have an m1 air

  3. Mark, thank you for the common-sensical approach to the technology nuthouse! I own the M1 Air and am very happy with it – running engineering consulting business. Your views are greatly appreciated!

  4. So torn.
    My use case is productivity and video hobby editing for YouTube or such maybe dabbling in FCP.

    Going hook up to docking station or hub monitor and probably only rarely take it on the road.

    My choose is get M2 air with 16gb and 1Tb
    14” 32gb and 1TB pro chip.

    Which would be best for my use case. Air M2 is attractive probably could do me fine for the occasionally 4k or video
    Editing I think.

  5. Hi Mark – thanks for the explainer. I currently have a 2019 MacBook Pro (Intel) which I upgraded to 16GB RAM as I use Final Cut Pro. If I'm upgrading to the M2 Air, do I need to be looking at going for 10 Core & 16GB RAM or will the standard spec suffice for FCP use (will obviously boost the SSD as 256GB isn't enough). Thanks.

  6. I am actually an engineering student, and I need to use a lot of apps and programs to design and build stuff , do you think M2 chip would be better ? Because I don’t want to but the MacBook Pros 😭 I also need that really big of a storage

  7. Frankly, I get a little annoyed by commenters who complain about the price of Apple products….save yourself any grief over it and buy a Chromebook, an Amazon Fire Tablet, a Google phone and a $15 Timex watch and brag about how much money you saved….you'll feel better.

  8. Your reviews were some of the ones that led me to the M1 MBA. Base model and absolutely fine. $849 brand new from retailers still or direct from Apple's refurb store is a great value. I'm waffling on grabbing an 8-core GPU/16GB M1 from the refurb shop, love the the wedge for heavy typing.

  9. M2 MBA ? …Simple…its for non-pro Intel Mac users who haven't yet made the upgrade. Professionals have likely already made the upgrade to M-series with the MBP or Studio….the M2 is not for them

  10. Great video. Will you make another comparison of the new M2 macbook air vs the Mac studio, using the same criterias, with emphasis on value (bang for buck) and performance? Understandable not many people can afford the more expensive Mac studio if the new MB air will suffice. Thanks.

  11. To put it simply the M2 MBA is the right upgrade for people still running on Intel. While an 18% gain in CPU performance is nothing to sneeze at I do not think it will make the experience with macOS feel any faster or smoother than what you can do with a M1 MBA (for the record I am writing this comment on 16 GB M1 MBA). I continue to be impressed by how deftly the M1 SOC runs macOS and I can even edit 4K content when I make instagram videos. While I am very impressed at a 20% gain in performance (compared to the 5% – 10%) performance gains we would see with Intel I do not think the M2 will feel smoother. Intel -> M2 makes perfect sense. M1 -> M2 means save your money and enjoy one of Apple's best computers ever made.

  12. I'm not in college anymore but I could see it being a great option for students as well. If you want something to last you from day 1 to graduation (and you never know what you might get up to along the way), the portability with extra headroom would be nice. Better webcam for virtual classes. A lot of colleges have deals with Apple beyond the base education pricing, as well.

  13. Wow fantastic, now we’re actually running above £/$ comparable pricing!! 🤦‍♂️
    This is quite simply for those who don’t care about value for money especially on the upgrade sides.
    A trend which seems to be all too familiar about apple these days.

  14. Mark- the higher UK price….does it include VAT? I assume so and there is your price differential. In the US ‘sales tax’ (a semi-form of VAT that varies from state to state and within states) is NOT included in a list price but added on afterwards.

  15. I was thinking that I would get an M2 Air, but honestly I think I don’t need a laptop at all. I have a current Gen iPad Mini that I use for portable things, and a Mac Studio desktop for more intensive things.

  16. After several years with a couple of problematic Dell XPS 13 laptops, I'm so ready to come back to Mac. I tried the MBP 14", but it was too blocky/heavy and was much more power than I need in a laptop. Almost pulled the trigger a few times on the M1 Air. Glad I waited, because the Midnight M2 Air is screaming "BUY ME, DAMN YOU!!!!" I'll opt for the 16GB/256GB 8-GPU core version for $1399. I also intend to trade in my 12.9" iPad Pro for the 2022 11" iPad Pro if it gets miniLED. Great video, mate!!

  17. Could the unfathomable reason for the price difference be VAT? Sales taxes are NEVER included in US prices, but it seems those taxes are typically included in UK and Europe prices.

  18. Something odd. Opened YouTube to catch up with my subscriptions and you were gone, disappeared, vanished like an old oak table. Subscribed again but a bit worrying 🥴