Samsung’s Studio Display Competitor is Half the Price!

The new Samsung M8 Monitor doesn’t quite have the specs to match up against the Studio Display from Apple, but that won’t stop us from talking about it. In this clip, Marques and Andrew talk about the monitor and what they like/don’t like about it.

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  1. You may say Samsung might have copied it from Apple but i'm happy they didn't copy the sweatshop model of Apple so Samsung is always a better choice for me and also I don't want to pay more just to have an Apple logo that too not even a full apple it looks like an apple that the Samsung users took a bite and then threw it in the trash

  2. I’m new to this podcast. Is the guy on the left a genuine window user? Is it Windows expert with an Apple expert podcast?

  3. If only it is 5K and not 4K, also if only it has over 95% DCI-P3 colour instead of just 100% sRGB…

  4. If they can make it a bit more refined, get rid of the bottom chin, smooth the back, give me silver and matte black color options and it'll be perfect!

  5. I personally think it's a better alternative to the iMac design wise especially. I can't stand the chin on the iMac so I'd rather connect my MacBook to the M8 and call it a day.

  6. c'mon be real. The price is nearly 1/3 the m8 is 599, the comparable apple is 1999

    i love apple but what a ripoff

  7. Since i connect my computer to monitor why i need tv option at monitor. Whatever i need as smart tv I will have at stream apps..its usual Samsung bad marketing..because they have advisers says wow..i

  8. I don't like the Guy in green. His view is totally biased… His opinions are also questionable…. So, dislike….

  9. Hoping next time when their be a review of new iphone they should do like this. Harsh & raw

  10. How about appreciating companies who do things for their customers than to fill their pockets, and you just said a crappy 4k low brightness display but also said its 900$ cheaper in the same sentence and also there is a 500$ cheaper option for the studio display and that monitor is 5 years old and has the same aspect , but again you prefer to pay 400$ more for a "FEATURE" than to spend that on an actual feature. BTW I knew you were an Apple SHill.

  11. Apple just wants to make you feel very special by charging you much more. Apple products, innovation, quality and customer service is nowhere near as as good as they used to be.

  12. Hmmm, lets see… $700 vs. $1700.
    Samsung =4K, 32inch, %99 rgb, HDR certified, Smart tv with access to hundreds of apps, included rechargeable remote, Alexa or Bixby, adjustable stand, mediocre speakers, 1080p detachable camera with privacy lens cap, smart hub for smart home devices, mirror your phone just by tapping it on the bezel, wifi connected, ability to double as a computer on its own, can access desktop or laptop wirelessly, can be completely voice controlled, which is great for a quadriplegic like myself, 400 nit brjghtness, thin bezel, Plastic body, and finally, did I mention its $700?

    Apple= Premium metal body, glass ipx screen, 5K display, 600 nit bright super clear display, built in mediocre webcam, much better speakers, solid build quality, no smart fearures, 27 inch screen, standard non-adjustable stand included, Apple charges an additional $400 for an adjustable stand, and finally, it's $1700 or, $2100 with an adjustable stand.

    I went with the Samsung. To me, Apple is Escargot at a posche Wynn Hotel restaurant in Vegas. Although the food was helladelicious, I'm hungry as [email protected]@% when I leave. Samsung is the buffet at Ceasars… I gets my grub ON Fam!

  13. Regarding the Samsung M8. Have you reviewed it? Do you know w
    what the text image quality is like? What is the productivity experience like over a day, typing, reading and sharing work. I get it is an awesome "TV" but how good a "monitor" is it. I feel like all the reviews seem to pass over this critical issue. I have a MacBook Air. What if any sacrifice am I making in terms of text quality if I use this as an external display for my device?

  14. The white dude is just trash hating on it without ever seeing it and admitting to not knowing information that a quick google search could have found out.


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