Apple Studio Display vs Eve Spectrum 4K – Best Monitor for Mac?

Let’s compare the new Apple Studio Display to the Eve Spectrum 4K with 144hz refresh. Which is the best display for Mac?

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Eve Spectrum 4k with Mac:

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0:00 intro and design
2:47 display specs and comparison
6:33 ports and other features
8:16 price and options
9:27 support and availability

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  1. The difference in sharpness is less to do with the difference in resolution and more to do with apple's integer scaling issues. The Mac struggles to scale things sharply to resolutions that aren't integer multiples.

  2. Why compare a 5K with a 4K? o.O
    5K is a specific tool if you think it like that, you can slap all the refresh rate and whatnot to the Eve Spectrum and it will still be a 4K monitor.

  3. Considering I could get the Studio Display for $100 off due to the Education Pricing, and it offers a webcam, mic and speakers, I’m all for it!

  4. Great video as always! Eve Spectrum works in 4k 144hz on Mac Studio on which input? Can you tell me if the Mac Mini M1 supports 4k 144hz on Eve Spectrum?

  5. One big problem of 4K 27” display is the text size. Native, the text is too small. But at 1080p (2x), the text is too large. Something in the middle, the text is blurry. You wont get this problem with the 5K panel.

  6. The thunderbolt cable they include is only 1 meter long, the 129$ one is 1.8 meters. Its very cheap of them not to include a longer cable.

  7. Hi Jerry.

    I’m having some low range bass distortion on my studio display speakers. Out of the box!

    Vocals and most audio sounds terrific but when the bass kicks in a few songs, the thump sounds like a torn drum 🥁 even at half volume.

    The same songs at same settings are sounding amazing on my 24” M1 iMac.

    These displays are not even available on display at the physical stores, where I live, to go and double check if it’s widespread or something that’s normal.

    Could you please check on your studio display?

    Apple Music Equaliser
    Preamp in neutral
    Rock setting

    Apple Music preferences
    Sound enhancer
    Slider at 3/4th

    Thanks indeed 🙏🏻🥃

  8. I like the Eve Spectrum not because of the cheaper price but the 4k and the fact the bezel is thinner and so is the display

  9. Such a great rundown, thanks Jerry.  
    One correction: it's a TB4 cable supplied with the Studio, not a TB3. TB4 is needed to use the other display usb-c ports at full bandwidth.

  10. 2:00 monitor wobble is only an issue if it happens during everyday use, not if it only happens during an earthquake

  11. So TLDW: The ASD is pretty and fits the aesthetic of other Apple devices. It's got the optimal resolution for MacOS and is really quite a nice display so long as you're not after HDR, need more than 1 input or more than 60Hz. Buy it if you are comfortable with the enormous price and the limitations listed above. It fits a niche in the market that other manufacturers haven't addressed which is 27" 5k displays (except a old LG display which has some issues). If it were a PC monitor it would be bad value but it's not, it an Apple monitor so due to it's lack of competition it basically wins by default.

  12. Was really hoping for a do it all monitor from Apple and was disappointed with the release. Lovely monitor no doubt but not what I needed or was looking for. 

    Just picked up the Eve Spectrum for £500 next day delivery from a private seller and I have to say I'm blown away by it, literally ticks every box. I wasn't going to buy the stand if I purchased direct but it was included in the purchase with the private sale and I'm glad it was, its better then I could have imagined and although I was planning on using a Vesa, I will be using this stand instead.

  13. Even as a normal I do not feel the Studio Monitor is overpriced for a 5K monitor with all of its options inside the Apple garden world. The sharpness when mounted on a VESA arm adjusted height, and put at arms length make the quality of the 5K image worth the price for these old eyes after cataract eye surgery in both eyes.

  14. The thing is, apple displays are almost non reflective with light. I don’t know if is because of glass or nits, but you can see the screen clearly even with a lot of light

  15. Eve is extremely good for its price and beats Studio Display in value. What my biggest concern is the shoddy reputation of the company, and God forbid if the device breaks down I don't know if they will be around to to honour the warranty. Once my out of warranty 4 year old macbook pro broke down twice and then Apple was so embarrassed that they not only returned my money for repairs but also gave me a fully loaded brand new macbook pro as apology. I would like to buy Eve products once they fix their reputation of being a fraudulent fly by night scam operation.

  16. I saw 4k 144hz from eve, but $99 more for glossy. Anyways is it gonna ship fast or will I have to end up waiting for like a month or two?

  17. Does Apple own a patent on "5k" like they tried to patent the rectangle shape of the iPad? WTF is going on? Why is NOBODY making a 5k except for Apple?

  18. just picked up the studio display sadly only available in the standard mount. i still didnt dare to unpack it and looking for alternatives…. haha

  19. The sharpness difference between 5K and 4K is huge. I can still see pixels on my 27” 4K. We need cheaper 5K displays. The LG is ok but so plastic with its 5 year old design.

  20. I personally own the Eve Spectrum 4K (non-glossy) after the firmware updates (from 1.04 to 1.05 then 1.06) it's served me quite well. HDR is nice but i usually have that turned off. In the end it's upto the person. One has to weigh the convenience, price, warrantee support and customs charges (unless eve gets local distribution or a reseller)

  21. Jerry, I love your reviews. 👍 Straight forward, very informative and showing all the details. Thank you. I really appreciate it.

  22. 4k 144 Hz is the best of both worlds. Half the price, slimmer bezels aswell. No brainer really

  23. I been looking forward to this video I just don’t think the studio is worth the money at 60hz should have the pro motion 120

  24. Seriously why can’t a mainstream company make a monitor like the Eve Spectrum with its high refresh rate, minimal design, thin bezels, glossy options, and huge array of ports including HDMI 2.1?? There’s really no other alternative that checks all the boxes. It’s truly a shame they aren’t a reliable company

  25. I wouldn’t go for either. Poor support is unacceptable, and so is the Studio’s price for me. I love my new Dell monitor – it’s the best choice for me

  26. Would be nice to see the glossy version of the Eve compared. The contrast might be a little closer and might render a touch sharper than the matte version.


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