iPadOS 16 Stage Manager RANT

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  1. I think it's also important to consider how a feature will fare into the future. I believe Craig mentioned that they didn't believe older iPad's were able to enable the experiences they want now and into the future.

    Perhaps Apple is limiting Stage Manager on older devices because they have features in it's mind that genuinely won't work well on the older devices when used with Stage Manager.

  2. Like I said. Apple can't win. If they allow Stage Manager on pre-M1 iPads and it works like crap without a lot of time and effort optimizing it than everyone's complaining how crappy the feature is. I don't want them taking away resources from fixing the latest OSes to make Stage Manager work on pre-M1 iPads and I have a 2018 iPad Pro.

  3. I’m going to get flamed for this, but opening 8 apps is nothing. Running those apps at their limit while keeping them fluid is a different ball game. I’ve crashed apps on my 8GB m1 iPad doing artwork in artstudio pro and procreate. Believe one app is enough to completely whittle it down depending on your usecase. And swap WILL run into problems on even lower ram limited iPads. It sucks but it’s really not so black and white

    Other than I still fully agree with everything you’ve said

  4. But Apple know they've got you they know you're not going to change frankly it's a disgusting policy. It looks like iPhones new always on display will only be available on the top model and they will give a similar justification

  5. this is similar to when the second generation ipad came out and it had display mirroring via a dongle but by default the first generation didnt. all it took was a simple plist edit and that first gen ipad of mine had display mirroring. its all about getting you to buy the newer ipad… that is it.

  6. Actually can they just charge me 100USD for a Mac OS dual boot on the 12.9 inch iPad

  7. to me, this is just another example of apple being apple. you know, they removed headphone jack, make apple pencil gen 1 doesn't work with newer product with no proper reason, and still using lightning port just because they want more money with licensing fees. myself include many will admit their product is well made in overall, but at this point, i don't understand why there is a people who still upsetting at these anti-consumer practice. we are the source that why apple still can doing this. they will not stop any of these until we make some movement.

  8. Ok, I’m using my iPhone 13 pro. Run the weather app which uses animation like clouds and rain. Run YouTube with your video playing. Swipe up to put them in multitasking mode to see all your running apps. You’ll notice that the video your playing will stay playing in the first multi task window but the weather app animation will stop.


    Because the slide over / multitasking apps are showing “screen shots” of the last state of the app! The apps are NOT running simultaneously.

    Im not sure your test proves anything. Soon as your app gets focus on iOS it loads into active memory and carries on. There are some tasks (audio, long running processes etc) that have special api’s that are allowed to run but that’s it.

    Stage manager is going to allow 4 apps to “actually run” at the same time and then allow you to swap in these 4 groups of apps without any apparent slow down. That’s different to what slide over is doing. I think that is going to need the iPad to guarantee memory is available for any app (regardless of memory use) and then to do that for another 4 apps depending on how you switch groups.

    I don’t think the older iPads / phones can do that reliably with the hardware they have. They could probably do some of it, but end up crashing or stuttering. I think that’s why apple didn’t enable it for them.

  9. About software locking, you can also say the ProRes 4K limited on iPhone 13 Pro’s 256Gb or more
    ProRes FHD is for 128Gb

    People didn’t understand at the time than 1 min of ProRes 4K did use 6Gb or storage
    Since with 128Gb of storage and being able to record at ProRes 4K well I’m sure less than 15 min would take an enormous quantity of storage

  10. My issue comes from just wanting 3 smartphone size windows open at once, separating my screen into thirds. This is capable as we know because the A12x can have two full screen windows and slide over. And as proved in this video, it handles that well.

  11. It seems as if Apple hasn't put as many resources into iPad as they could. The device still has a lot of potential.

  12. I just wish my 2018 iPad Pro would us a full external monitor. I wouldn’t be mad if it still mirrored to it just get rid of the bars and make it wide screen

  13. I just want to be able to put my apps wherever I want, i don’t care if it’s only 3 apps

  14. I'm just using my ipad pro to use remote desktop my pc. Atleast windows on remote desktop work better🥲

  15. Funny thing is, that I personally love my A12Z iPad pro. It has basically repaced my windows laptop for 99% of my computing needs. I have thought about just ditching a laptop and gettting the next m2 pro in higher configuration to have just a sigle device for everything. But these types of shenanigans are making me doubt the platform alltogether. Maybe I'll better stick to a windows laptop, to have that choice. The A12Z will easily las a few more years, if I use it for classic iPad tasks like reading, browsing and notes.

  16. Stage manager is that amazing feature that a lot of people will try for a little time and abandon because ir is just useless.

  17. Probably my next tablet might be Samsung tablet s7 fan edition because it bigger and it cheaper than S8 but very interesting in Samsung tab ultra but way too much
    Because there is a lot of glitch on ipad( youtube app ) where in a playlist is load every song but when you go back to medium screen the playlist doesn’t even show up) and I think of testing android before switch my iPhone over to android because I would like to try a see how Samsung dex works.

  18. Seems just like the Windows 11 requirements, where Skylake was kicked out, but Celeron Coffee Lake mobile chips were allowed.

  19. I upgraded to the m1 12.9 because I felt this was finally going to be the big change that would make it a pro device…. ipad os 16 is still shit. I now realize apple will NEVER make this a pro device because it wants people to buy as many devices as possible. fool me twice.

  20. Stage manager and display extension should be available for the A12X/A12Z iPad Pros, and probably the A14 iPad Air and the A15 iPad Mini. That’s that.

  21. The true reason of this restriction is very simple. Apple developers only turned/optimised stage manager feature with M1 iPad. If only M1 chip iPad went into the development cycle, it requires much less de-bug work. Those time and resource was then easily spent on Cappuccino.

  22. Oh and they just do m1 cause real multitasking is more a feature of the upcoming iPads for the next years when more and more realy big apps come to the AppStore, just take a look on Genshin impact, it needs 13gb storage and on highest settings it’s on the same level with the ps 5 version…
    Apps like Final Cut and other desktop applications will more and more come to the stores and when you then will have open fcp, photoshop, pro create and 2 or 3 other realy big apps 4gb are just not enough…
    So it’s not so that the 4gb devices will not work with this in the next 2 years but what’s after that? And an iPad wich gets only 4 years support, I think the last one was the iPad 3 wich get a so short lifetime…
    We can realy talk about the 6gb devices, so the a12z and partly a12x devices but that will end up in a mess cause the a12x devices have 4 and 6gb ram, depends on storage option…
    And have they made the cut on this 6gb we would get the same discussion like now just with the iPad Pros from 2018…
    Apple makes the cut now just on 8gb and I think it’s at least not completely incomprehensible why they do so…

  23. The point you don’t see is, apple uses memory swap since years, now they make promotion with it cause it’s way faster but this was even noticable on my first iPad Air that they must use it and it’s the same on your device…
    You see it when it don’t reload but still needs 1 – 1 1/2 sec to pop up (like when you open the weather app f.e.)…
    To see it better you must fill up the storage, that’s a bit tricky cause iOS leave normally space for this swap and you must use multiple apps to trick this (downloading files with multiple apps works best) but after some tries you will get it and then make the same test again, you will notice much more reloading..

  24. Dual ..USB-C'S… 🤓…hehehe… which the M1 Ipad Pro 12.9" should have in the place….

  25. I really enjoyed this video. I have the 2018 iPad Pro and I was disappointed that the new iPadOS 16 features weren’t coming to the older models but after watching your video I’m not so upset anymore. Thank you!😊

  26. I own a 2018 iPad Pro (A12X) and I swear Apple does NOT know how to read the room. This is exactly the reason why third party app stores are gaining traction. Also, the fact that non M1 iPads can’t extend a display at a minimum is straight up criminal. Contemplating straight up selling my iPad at this point and just never buying an iPad again. They’re literally alienating pro consumers.

  27. I read somewhere that it’s not about the amount of RAM (or the multitasking ‘power’ for that matter) – it’s about the fast memory switching mechanism that only the M1 SoC has. I certainly can’t verify how true or accurate this is – but it does offer a bit of explanation (if true). Now, as for the external monitor support – I have no idea why that’s ‘chip locked’…

  28. Wait till you see the unannounced M2-exclusive Calculator app. Only made possible with the "new" new swap memory feature of M2 iPads with 24 GBS of RAM. WWDC 2023 here we come!!

  29. My second comment. With Apple’s redundant minimal spec upgrades and it’s up sale techniques inside of software on top of fictitious capabilities ..does make this totally frustrating. Do I dare say that picking up a android device would end this complacency in desiring to purchase Apple products . Oh wait a minute that’s right that’s not allowed to enter is it….🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪lol.. you know I do hear that when you do purchase a new case for your product it does feel like we have a brand new product. So we could take Apple‘s theology and just do it to ourselves couldn’t we. What would be the difference. If I buy a new case I’m still holding the same iPad that does the same thing. But if I purchase a new iPad I still get the same software doing the same thing. That’s practically a $1990 difference.We would end up at the same place wouldn’t we. That takes lol to the next level….

  30. Run (AAA?) titles like Genshin and The Wilderness instead of just Safari, YouTube or Twitter next time


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