M1 Max Mac Studio vs M1 Max MacBook Pro | The Same?

Are the M1 Max Mac Studio vs M1 Max MacBook Pro the same? In this ongoing review of the base model M1 Max Mac Studio I bring you behind the scenes with the 14-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro and discuss how similar these two devices are when it comes to performance in my use case with video editing and Blender as an example. When it comes to making that buying decision, this really does come down to whether portability is important because the performance is so close.

Apple silicon is really exciting, hands down, but we’re still waiting on continued optimization when it comes to software being able to use this hardware.

Thanks to Brett Jordan for the wallpaper image: https://unsplash.com/s/photos/brett-jordan

M1 Pro and M1 Max Related Hardware:

14-inch M1 Pro MacBook Pro: https://geni.us/7HlAh (Amazon)
M1 Macbook Air: https://geni.us/aB6N (Amazon)
M1 Mac Mini: https://geni.us/pDK2b (Amazon)

The SSD Drives I’ve Been Testing:
Acasis: https://geni.us/1vu6Jqc (Amazon)
Fledging TB3 Enclosure: https://geni.us/flJqziY (Amazon)
Samsung SSD (970): https://geni.us/yRA8d3R (Amazon)
Samsung 980 PRO: https://geni.us/AZkwLl (Amazon)
SanDisk Extreme (T00-G25): https://geni.us/n0B9Q (Amazon)

On My Desk:
Desktop Accessories (Use KEVINROSS for 10% off): https://geni.us/OxWta
INNOCN 4K Monitor: https://geni.us/INNOCN27 (Amazon)
Ultrawide Monitor: https://geni.us/un9I (Amazon)
Monitor Arm: https://geni.us/7j1xeS (Amazon)
CalDigit Thunderbolt 4 Dock: https://geni.us/CalDigitTS4 (Amazon)
Anker Mini Dock: https://geni.us/ACcOo (Amazon)
Thunderbolt 3 Dock: https://geni.us/ATbaAjc (Amazon)
MX Master 3: https://geni.us/pfEgz (Amazon)
MX Keys: https://geni.us/4wiTh (Amazon)

Audio Gear:
Overhead Microphone: https://bit.ly/DeityS2SMic
Overhead Mic on Amazon: https://geni.us/s1A9eNK (Amazon)
Broadcast Microphone (Q9U): https://geni.us/QkBCC (Amazon)
Handheld Recorder: https://geni.us/MTyrz (Amazon)
MOTU Interface: https://geni.us/NMoYwcJ (Amazon)
ATR Dynamic Microphone: https://geni.us/0V4K0Rk (Amazon)
Samson Dynamic Microphone Choice: https://geni.us/fVng5fM (Amazon)
Studio Headphones (250 Ohms): https://geni.us/BuzD (Amazon)
Yamaha Monitors (single): https://geni.us/MbemtUC (Amazon)
Studio Monitor Stands: https://geni.us/MiBAiE6 (Amazon)

What I use to Film:

My Primary Camera: https://geni.us/gQQxjr3 (Amazon)
Prime Lens 16mm: https://geni.us/BlBd9 (Amazon)
Sony 18-105: https://geni.us/Jb3O0 (Amazon)
SanDisk Extreme: https://geni.us/9MHZlT (Amazon)
Manfrotto Tripod (for vlogging): https://geni.us/0SYQD (Amazon)
Light Dome: https://geni.us/TzffFw (Amazon)
Key Light: https://geni.us/n2kAe (Amazon)

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Context & What We’re Doing: 0:00
4K Multicam Timeline: 01:40
Blender Animation: 05:32
The Buying Decision: 11:24

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  1. Is there an app that can overclock these chips within thermal limitation range can it be hacked at all like amd Intel?

  2. You do really awesome reviews… I really need to pull the trigger and get one of these machines….

  3. Hi Kevin
    I have watched a few of your recent videos about the Max Studio and you make some relevant points. I am a graphic designer using Adobe InDesign (main app), Photoshop, Illustrator, Capture One and a few smaller apps for font management, Barcodes and so on. I have being using Macs since the Performa days and have had a few since then, but this new Studio Max (base model) is something else.
    Boots in around 3 seconds, InDedsign, Photoshop are there in a blink of an eye, its actually frightening how fast this machine is. Most of the YouTubers emphasise on video work, I don't do that, but I tell you what, the Max base model is a bargain for the price, especially with the ports that Apple finally give you. I have bought an external Thunderbolt 3 housing and stuck a 1 Tb NVME drive in it and that is more than what I need for just under £125, whereas if I went for the 1tb apple upgrade it was £400 for the extra 512 gb which to me was a no brainer.
    Anyway thanks for the info, keep up the good work and all the best for you and your family for the future.

  4. Everyone really needs to push out updates for their software to take advantage of the Studio, including Apple..

  5. From what I gather, an M1X MacBook Pro will perform the same as an equivalent M1X Mac Studio. The MacBook is about 1000 £/$ more so it boils down to whether you need to use it as a laptop for at least some of the time in order to justify the extra cost.

  6. If I Have a 14 inch MacBook Pro with the 24 core gpu would their be a difference enough to justify for me to get the max studio with 32 core as my desktop? Also, I have 16 ga ram on my laptop and I will be getting 64 on my max studio.

  7. The real test here is to test a 32core GPU Mac Studio M1 Max vs a 32core GPU MBP M1 Max. This is where we get to know if the thermals headroom on the MacStudio is actually doing anything. Why can’t I find this test. Why is everybody using the 24core GPU macstudio to compare with another 32core GPU machine?

  8. I would have preferred the Mac Studio since I don't need the portability – However, the brilliant people at Apple decided to release the MacBook Pro first…and I bought one. Funny enough, the MBP arrived the same day the MS was announced. I didn't want to wait another two months to order/receive the MS while I could start making use of the device I already had in hand. We'll see what happens in a Years time.

  9. Great video, need your advice, MacBook m1 max 16 or studio max, for daily used continues more that 8 hours daily connected to 4 monitors .

  10. Bit confused here. You are evaluating a 24 core vs 32 core architecture and surprised that the 32 is faster? What am I missing?

  11. Can I ask? Does the studio really need that much cooling? Feels like this design was a cooling solution for when the Mac ran on Intel. I am starting to feel like Apple is losing its edge when it comes to designing products. I even feel the same exact same thing with the MacBook. It does not make sense for it to be that thick.

  12. Great video as always! I ordered the M1 Max Mac Studio with 64gb ram. Upgraded the ram for "just-in-case". Speaking of Dyson, did you hear about the Dyson Zone?

  13. I do think Apple went conservative on the tuning on the Mac Studio or…..Maybe, these are not the chips that where supposed to me in these machines. Last minute change of mind? was that going to be the m2 reveal but current events change that? But then, why would apple put all those graphs on the presentation if these mac studios underperform over the laptops?

  14. Love your videos. When the latest Apple event happened, YOUR channel is the one I wanted to follow like a hawk. Solid, solid, advice. The most practical comparisons. And enjoy that Dyson! I have three and they’re great!!

  15. Your findings are in-line with what other people have found out In essence, the cooling solution of the Mac Studio is much better then on the MacBooks, which is no surprise. However, I don't understand why the fans are not adjusted accordingly: They could easily spin down the fans when he machine I under low workload and just spin them up when he system is under heavy workload for extended period of time. This would then bring back a noise similar to previous Macs, where the fans were literally silent under normal/low workload and just audible when workload increases. The new Mac Studios, on the other hand, have audible fans irrespective of the workload, which doesn't make any sense to me. Adjusting the fan speed, and resultantly the noise level, according to the workload would be expected and make the system much more user friendly, especially in a music studio where noise should be avoided…

  16. I already made my purchase decision before watching this video (I ordered a M1 Max Mac Studio), but I still really enjoyed it. It was so much enjoyable than watching graphs based on mark bench. Great video.

  17. I've cancelled my studio max and replaced it with a macbook max. I've merged my desktop and laptop work.

  18. Another terrific video. I believe Apple might be taking a conservative approach to this machine. Not giving it any more juice to elevate it above the MacBook Pro. Difference in speed might be the SSDs, slightly slower SSD speed since the chips are not directly on the cpu board.

  19. Who remembers having "desktop" level work and then reserving the lighter tasks for your laptop?
    Are they the same? Not really, but sort of. But not really. If you're on the fence, then how much are you leaving that fence? 😉 Hope you're all doing well.




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