Who Should Buy The M2 MacBook Air? When To Consider Something Else?

Who should buy the M2 MacBook Air and when should you consider buying something else? In this video we cover the best model of M2 MacBook Air you should buy (general specifications) and which model makes the most sense based on the price and specifications. We also discuss if buying a different MacBook is a better plan.

In this video we cover these 2 Apple MacBook Models for 2022:

2022 M2 MacBook Air – https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-mac/macbook-air/with-m2-chip
2021 M1 Pro 14″ MacBook Pro – https://amzn.to/3Qj22cK

If you are looking at buying a MacBook soon then watch this video. If you are considering the M2 MacBook Air then make sure you know how to configure it so you get the most out of your new computer. We cover both the M2 Air and the 14″ MacBook Pro to decide how each should be configured and which one to buy depending on the price point.

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  1. yes i got the macbook pro 14 inch base model few days ago even after knowing about macbook m2. agree 100% great video

  2. Nope. The Air still has NO Fan. The Air has always been crazy portable. It still has the M2 and a Liquid Retina screen.
    I don't use HDMI or SmartCard, only audio, USB and Ethernet. 
    Neither of these new MacBooks will give me the Ethernet I have built into my old MacBooks.
    So I'll get a snap-on clear case for my Air. Midnight appeals to the Goth in me.
    No, it still doesn't look like an Air the way the M1 Air does, but now the M1 Air only comes with a 7-core GPU and again, it's an M1. Sorry, that's so last year.
    $2099 is the cut-off price for me. I don't want to pay for a low-end MacBook Pro.

  3. How valuable is portability, weight and design to you is also a question I feel many YouTube tecs miss out. I mean, I can see what you are saying in terms of what you’re getting and not getting with the new air, but I think I light be willing to actually buy a machine that’s less heavy and more portable instead of trying to get as much features as possible for my money..


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