I Edited With the Mac Studio and Now I Want One

Do YOU want a Mac Studio, a Studio Display, or both?
Mac Studio https://cnet.co/3r3IbDH
Studio Display https://cnet.co/38ljonX

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As a content creator, I found the Mac Studio to be a great desktop for my Final Cut Pro X workflow.
Watch the Mac Studio Review: https://youtu.be/GhoR7F0G_yA

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  1. If you’ve got any questions about the Mac Studio, my current work setup or Final Cut drop them below 👇

  2. Hi, and I’ve just inherited a 27” 2013 iMac, 3.2 Ghz, 16/1TB (Mojave) and it works perfect . – . My normal daily workhorse is a 13” 2015 Retina MacBook Pro, 2.9 Ghz, 16/256 (Big Sur) – and it works perfect, too. The questions: which of these machines should I use as my daily desktop driver? And is it worth keeping them both?

  3. Great review. But you meant to say Apple is finally giving us function over form 😉

  4. that stand is wayyyy too low on the studio display. Essentially forcing anyone who cares to have to pay another 400 for the privilege of adjusting it. Really slimey by apple if you ask me.

  5. ok i could understand why you want one but they make the mac studio abit too expensive and no upgradeability whatsoever so not a great idea to get one if you plan on upgrading it

  6. I bought a Mac Studio on release day, and so far it's been excellent. It's really a great machine, and not terribly expensive (I went for the M1 Max version with a 1TB upgrade). Highly recommended!

  7. Can you suggest a goo crash course for Final Cut? Real estate video is all I would be using it for. Moving from iMovie and Adobe PP is just too much for what I need. Thank you.

  8. Why would someone not take you serious for using FCPX??

  9. On the plus side, it's interesting hearing a professional video editor's point-of-view on the new Mac Studio computer and Apple Studio Display. On the negative side, not everyone visiting this is going to be as focused on strictly professional video editing as you. The point I get about the Mac Studio vs. the MacBook Pro is that, if you get the M1Max version of either machine, you're getting essentially the same computer. Just take your pick: desktop vs. laptop. Highly portable vs. transportable. Justin boiled it down to dollars and cents. While a valid issue, it's far from the only consideration. As for the Mac Studio Display: there are lots of pro's and con's, I agree. Apple made this display way too Apple-centric and expensive. On the other hand, the first words out of any reviewer's mouths should always be: "get the VESA-mounted option for free". Yet internet commentators are so full of themselves that they can't seem to save their breath and just spit this out and get it over with. Also, barely shown and not even mentioned is the Apple Studio Display's added capability to pivot 90º for viewing in "portrait mode", very handy for many graphics and desktop publishing projects. (Many shops may work with video or audio, but may also work on other projects; again, internet commentators are too centered on themselves to consider this, let alone mention this.) LG's UltraFine 5K Display does offer a VESA-mounting ability right out of the box, but does not offer the added ability to pivot for "portrait mode". The bottom line is this: yes, it is possible to buy a nice, high-res, high-color-quality monitor aftermarket for a lower price with higher resale value, and still have plenty of money for external speakers and even a nice webcam if needed. But if there are any that are fully 5K, they are very few and not much less expensive. And if you find one that's 5K, it probably can't pivot. Justin's narrow focus on pro-video-only never acknowledges this.

  10. Fatal el Studio Display tiene mejor tecnológia la pantalla del ipad y del macbook pro max m1 me senti estafado 😭😭😭 hay mejores monitores en el mercado con mejor tecnología 😭😭😭

  11. Apple updated the Thunderbolt Display 5 years too late. I’ve got a Iphone with a an oled display and a Ipad Pro 12.9 2021 with an mini led display. Studio Display has a good old IPS panel and poor hdr support. Very soon, qd-oled and mini-led monitors will make the Studio Display as obsolete as the Thunderbolt display. It’s DOA.

  12. Yeah we have to laugh a little bit when you say you work on Final Cut… Final Cut is a dud. Everything isn’t just about speed. Sometimes it’s about quality. Nothing touches Resolve 17. And I mean nothing. Go ahead let me see you color correct in final cut… It’s a joke. Every major movie in the world just about color corrects in resolve. So there is a learning curve, if you only spent a couple of days in Resolve… It seems daunting. But once you master it… There is no going back. And when you throw a clip into final cut, the color is actually wrong. I know, hard to believe, but it is.
    But hey, you’re making a living, you’re successful… And I guess that’s all that matters.

  13. Got myself an Xiaomi 34 inch wide screen 3440×1440 144HZ display for less than 300 Euro / 330 USD. Has a stand too with height adjustment. Apple is amazing at overpricing.

  14. Final Cut Pro is awesome and anyone using Adobe Premiere, has to really be in to masochism.

  15. Recap: if you have MacBook you don’t need speakers camera and mic. You probably have Airpod Max anyway. Not including height adjustable stand in this high price is outrages.
    Get high refresh 4k -27 or 32” and just slightly push it back and you’ll get same fidelity as retina – no pixels will be visible. Now you can get 43” mini led Samsung or 42” LG oled – but the size might be too much for some. Upcoming soon Acer x32 mini led looks promising as well.
    Rumor has it – new Apple screen will appear in June with mini led.

  16. For the height, just put some random books under the stand then you'll get the desired height 😛

  17. Good video but is this a conspiracy were all the Mac Studio reviews benchmarks are based on video editing software only

  18. Ports over thinness is definitely way better. I don't want thin, I want ports that I can use.

  19. Anyone that laughs at Final Cut apparently aren't serious video editors. It's a standard in the industry for many film and TV studios.

  20. Did you just call those tiny cheap Audio Engine speakers for professional……………………..? I bet the Studio Display is higher fidelity and better stereo imaging, and I design High End speakers for a living.

  21. Feels like a video of a CNET employee trying to get reimbursed for a new Mac Studio lol I honestly want one now

  22. As an Apple shareholder since 2012, I can say I'm very happy with Apple and their products.
    The only downside is the eWaste created by older devices that can't easily be upgraded.

  23. I edit my videos on my IPHONE.

    All I ever need is more storage.

    I don't need lots of effects and stuff.

    iPhone 14 1TB PRO MAX will definitely be my next phone.

  24. looking at his setup it made me realize that it's weird apple doesn't sell a dock. they sell 10 thousand dongles but no dock.

  25. But really, you can't go below the UltraFine 5K anymore, if you are accustomed to the quality. And to compare a Dell with almost half the pixels (8M instead of 14.5M pixels) and almost half the brightness, really? Compared to the UltraFine 5K, the price is ok.
    For my taste, the 400 nits on a MacBook Air is low, albeit acceptable for a notebook.

  26. Agree 100% on Final Cut Pro X. It's a beast of an adutor and is so much ceaner and more modern than Premiere

  27. Yah the base monitor not being height adjustable is nuts, even the people in the Apple ads have bad posture using it


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