iPhone SE (2022) vs. iPhone 13 Pro Camera Comparison

Here’s how the cameras of Apple’s least expensive and most expensive iPhones compare. Turns out, Apple’s budget iPhone SE and the iPhone 13 Pro have more in common than you might think.

You can see the products featured in the video here 👇
iPhone SE (2022) https://cnet.co/3qNYlAP
iPhone 13 Pro https://cnet.co/3NvLRaL
iPhone 13 Pro Max https://cnet.co/36E3RPJ
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Read more on the comparison: https://www.cnet.com/tech/mobile/iphone-se-vs-13-pro-photo-test-the-cheaper-phones-pictures-hold-up/

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00:00 – iPhone SE (2022) vs iPhone 13 Pro Camera Comparison
00:52 – Main Camera
02:46 – Portrait Mode
04:17 – Telephoto & Zoom
05:02 – Ultra Wide & Macro
05:56 – Selfie Camera
06:49 – Night Mode & Low Light
08:34 – Video
09:47 – Lexy’s Thoughts

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  1. Thanks for watching! Let me know what other comparisons you’d like to see 📸

  2. I thought both are worse than my phone but I realised I was watching in 480p 😂😂

  3. It's not like comparing a Fiat to a Ferrari, it's more like comparing an Alfa-Romeo to a Ferrari.

  4. I hate big phones. Only the SE fits in my hand & pocket. Want a good still shot camera

  5. I bought the Neural Cam app for my SE 2020 for night mode and the results are as good as an iPhone 11 would be in night mode. Neural Cam is also popular for the iPhone SE 2022

  6. I ant an IPhone 13 Pro Max but my friend has the SE and her camera is so clear when she takes selfies

  7. Se nin kamerası neden 13 pro dan iyi ¿ sadece zoom kısmında pro nun kazandığını düşünüyorum

  8. Nice work! After Dieter Bohn left The Verge, you are currently my only favorite youtube producer left. So keep going! I would like to see a review of Garmin Fenix 7 vs Apple watch 7.

  9. Cinematic mode is a gimmick and looks unfinished. Not worthy as a feature imo. I had the SE1 and it felt outdated so I upgraded to the iPhone 12 Mini which I'm content with until the 14 comes out! Great comparison btw. 👍

  10. I am very impressed that the SE did as well as it did, however, for me I prefer the Pro for the Low Light capabilities.

  11. She asks viewers to comment which phone they like the most yet she never states her own answer nor does she make any real comparisons as the title states.

  12. This might be the reason why they didnt use the XR or 11 hardware and body for SE 2022 bec it is just surprisingly amazing! They might not getting a sale for 13 line up if that happened!

  13. BlackSight and NeuralCam apps provide very decent night mode photos (comparable to native night mode on newer iPhones albeit slightly more noisy due to smaller sensor and aperture on the SE).

  14. such a pity the SE doesn't support Proraw. It feels like something the camera and chip could support but is deliberately held back

  15. Excellent comparison. This clarifies a lot between the two. SE looks to be an excellent budget phone.

  16. I'm convinced that CNET will do anything yo appease Apple. Compare that SE to a Pixel or a Samsung A series.

  17. i kinda like the sound quality of SE during the first minute of this video, bit clearer, but seems it captured more of the wind too.

  18. Nice review between 13 pro and se 2022. however, I curious about comparison among xr vs se 2020 vs se 2022. Which one better in the single camera 📷

  19. IPhone se. Made for people that don't know you can get a used iPhone pro instead of a "new" one

  20. Fact is, 90% of people… the SE is all they need. Many of these just run out and buy the expensive thing and then turn around and try to justify their $1000+ purchase. If they spent that much, they CAN’T be wrong, right? 🙄

  21. It’s actually the A15 Bionic no matter what the iphone body is. Iphone is iphone.

  22. Wow i think cnet Now only just the iphone for test camera comparison instead with android phones, i wish really want see or watch galaxy S22 ultra vs iphone 13 pro max camera comparison with you lexy, but since galaxy S21 you're never making camera comparison on android phone between galaxy S21 ultra vs iphone 12 pro, and now this year as same too, you now just making camera comparison between iphone 13 pro vs iphone se 3rd generation, so suck🤢🤮


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