Studio Display VESA Mount Setup – The Good, The Bad & The VESA Mount

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  1. Studio Display – Nice job! Finding a new display to go with my new Mac Studio is turning out to be the most frustrating shopping experience ever. It's a great irony, considering how many good or better displays there are in the world today, but because of the limitation of macOS's handling of native PPI's that aren't in the ~110 or ~220 range is creating a two-faceted, terrible problem for me: 1) Every other scaling option aside from the Displays system pref option or options (can be either 1 or 2 of them for a given display) which options equate to using full native screen PPI or exactly half that, causes (by strong evidence) a huge, continuous labor to be performed by the GPU of the machine, and 2) Bitmaps in both the OS and in Photoshop (and little doubt user images in all applications) get scaled by the OS! The OS uses bilinear interpolation to scale them so they grow (or shrink) as the UI does. Bilinear causes the most blurring of any scaling algorithm. Many people don't notice their pictures getting blurred, but the careful photographers who work hard to optimize sharpness need to see un-bastardized pixels in order to sharpen them just right, not to mention enjoy them to their fullest while working with them. So that means if you choose any 4K, 27" or 32" display the only macOS scaling options that you can choose that avoid the scaling problems are ones that either make the entire UI much too large or much too small. (But both of those classes of displays do offer those two choices — the 27" Studio Display only has the one scaling option at which the scaling problems don't occur – and it's the one where you see the UI as though it were being shown on a 109 ppi display, so everything looks about the right size, just a little bit on the small side. So there are darn close to zero ways to get things to look right with the benefit of high res (Retina) pixels that make text look great without messing with our photographs' detail: Studio Display, LG 27" 5K, and Pro XDR 6K Display. Otherwise to avoid scaling you need to use a display that's in the 100 to 110 native PPI range. Even that option is very limited, because most displays that are in that range don't come with full P3 gamuts, let alone full P3 and Adobe RGB gamuts, or USB-C (to carry DisplayPort data) or Thunderbolt 3, or superior contrast, or special screen coatings, or many of the other features of high-end imaging displays, including smartly designed software to enable calibration to exactly your preferred white point and luminosity, the display's native gamut, and so on. The EIZO CG2700S is one, but it's $2,500 and you won't get picture-by-picture, as you're losing out on the promise of beautifully clean, Retina-style text rendering. Apple – fix this huge oversight now! You're messing up my whole new Mac Studio experience badly! Allow for unscaled bitmaps in at least four monitor PPI ranges: ~110, 140, 164, and 220. It's not fair to force our experience with the vast majority of the newer displays on the market to be degraded in these ways.

  2. Studio Display — Btw. I didn't know you were a designer?! Can we see your work somewhere? Watching this video on a 4K 32" panel I really notice the low frame rate, is it 30fps?

  3. I suspect, although I have no data to back this up, that an overwhelmingly large number of support requests for Displays and iMacs that arrive "on Apple's desk" are due to connection issues with the power cable. So Apple may have just decided that they're tired of it and will no longer allow removing the power cable. That would make sense to me, as the overwhelming majority of users of tech products are not technology experts or just good at dealing with hardware.

  4. Studio Display 😉 I have two of them in order to plug my Mac Studio on them. I also want to plug my professional laptop (windows) on them. Here comes the trouble… They only have one single input port, so basically only one source at a time. I will have to be creative …

  5. I have a XDR display and I love it and it is price right I have had it for two years

  6. I have been trying to talk myself into buying this monitor in every way possible for the past month and a half. I just can’t do it

  7. Studio display
    Now a comparison between the studio and xdr would be super appreciated 😊

  8. I agree that the Studio Display fits a unique niche in providing a well calibrated 5K display with great built-in speakers but leaves many people dissatisfied with the shortcomings including the camera and limited feature set of the included Apple Silicon processor, especially with its high price!

  9. i’ve had my eye on the pro display, the studio display just doesn’t seem worth it.

  10. I read somewhere that once you get the VESA mount, you can't convert it back to the stand and vice-versa, is that true? I've had my eye on the Studio Display but feel that the price tag is a bit high. I really like the glass display which, to me, produces a very sharp viewing experience compared to other monitors. I guess I'm spoiled by the clarity of an Apple display (currently have a 27" Intel iMac) and the reason I lean towards the Studio Display. How would the eSpectrum monitor compare to my 27" iMac glass display, as far as clarity and sharpness is concerned?

  11. Great video. What kind of monitor speaker you have there on the desk? Love the design.

  12. Why do YouTubers recommend monitor that they don't buy. it seems that you liked the studio display cause it was better high res well built . the olny reason you liked the other display was the refresh rate and price. then you kept the studio display . I see tons of reviewers hating on the studio display but then buying it for themselves . hmmm

  13. How are you liking the VESA mount for your *Studio Display*? And would you recommend it?

    I'm torn. I really want a VESA mount to save space on my desk. Unfortunately, Apple's VESA mount kills the aesthetics of this monitor. The mount looks bolted on as a lazy after thought. Also, as you stated and demonstrated, the mount obscures the Apple logo. What a shame.

    For a company that prides itself on design (and for a company willing to charge $400 for simple height adjustment option), they really should have offered a VESA mount that doesn't destroy the aesthetics of this monitor. Better yet, they should have offered an option for a VESA mount and matching arm. (sigh)

  14. Studio Display – biggest downside aside from cost, is lack of vertical adjustment for that price. Yes the A13 chip may be needed for Center Stage and Siri tricks, but who’s to say they won’t add other “smart” features via software upgrades that are forthcoming??? We can only hope. If true, Apple should have said as much and not make buyers just seem like brand overpaying suckers/fan girls n boys. Also, those cheap plastic components on the other monitors seem like those manfs screwed over customers for a price only a few hundred less than the studio display price.

  15. STUDIO DISPLAY! I am visually impaired and because I need to take care of the little vision I have, the 5k really makes a difference. I currently use a an iMac 5k but work gave me a pc laptop and I NEED this display. I bough. a 4k and omg, do I noticed the difference. I know my need is different than most so I can't really put too much weight what options people have about this display. Thanks for the dope video

  16. Studio Display. Thanks for the content. I'm a designer and I get it's expensive but it does some very key things right for me that other displays don't. I hope they fix the webcam however as that is one of the selling points. No reason it shouldn't be better!

  17. So torn! #StudioDisplay

    I picked up an LG 24" 4K to serve as a permanent portrait orientation second monitor for my Mac. I'm blown away at how much better glossy screens look next to my matte Dell. Now I'm looking at replacing my Dell. The Spectrum is the front-runner. Glossy, I'm thinking.

  18. why is the cable fixed?
    Because the power supply is built into the Monitor and the monitor is quite thin, so you need a reliable connection.

  19. I sold my iMac 27", so having 5k is a must-have for me as I upgrade from Intel to Apple SoC. The new Studio Display is noticeably brighter than the iMac display, despite people claiming they are the same LCD panel. Of course I would have liked to have choices for 5k displays, but sadly there are no viable options to the Studio Display. I can justify the price premium since monitors tend to be used for many years before an upgrade is needed. I'm using the Studio Display with a MacBook Pro Max 14" in clamshell mode as a desktop, so now instead of having a notebook for meetings and travel and a desktop computer, I've consolidated to one.

  20. Great video, side note: you don't really realize how bad the underpowered ps5 looks until you see it in a video about premium products – the black shell does help though!

  21. Sorry, what monitor arm did you use for the Studio Display? Is it adjustable in every position? You have increased my doubts about the Studio Display Thanks!


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