Can you stalk someone with an Apple AirTag?

Arun from @Mrwhosetheboss chased me. And I met some ducks. | AD: 🖼️ Get 25%-29% off Displates here (that’s an extra 2%):

ARUN: ■ My main channel:

I’m at

Series Producer/Director: Kirsten Taylor
Assistant Producer: Han Evans
Production Assistant: Phoebe Steen
Edit Assistant: Adam Lawrence
Editor: Olly Newport
Sound Design: Dan Pugsley |
Executive Producers: Cambria Bailey-Jones, Guy Larsen
A Pad 26/Penny4 Production

0:00 Intro
1:03 They’re off
9:21 A brief commercial break
10:27 Closer and closer

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  1. So dude chasing had list anyway and could deduce where he may be. Wtf is the point. Lame video

  2. I like how tom was absolutely paranoid at the start all while Mrwhosetheboss got trapped in the backroom of subway stations

  3. Why would you give the sightseeing list to the person who is supposed to track you only with an AirTag? This is a flawed experiment from the outset.

  4. All a game these devices allow companies to track people's behaviour use the information to target adverts.

  5. "There is no way down here"

    Come on, Tom, why didn't you use your parkour skills?

  6. 0:26 You left out a very important piece of info…. If Tom (or any one else) has an Apple iPhone on them, it would warn the person that there was an Apple Air Tag tracking them, and it would give that person the ability to stop the tracking. But I guess that would have made for a very boring video, right? 😉

  7. I’ve noticed when I’ve borrowed a friends car (I’ve got insurance to drive any car with owners consent) that my iPhone tells me that I’m travelling with somebody else’s air tag and that the owner knows the location.
    It’s a cool feature, would probably give a thief paranoia

  8. Wrong, Arun, AirTags DO provide “direction”, but you have to be within, X amount of distance from them for it to work…. And you were only briefly within range once as the bus drove past you on the street.

  9. Now in reality (given you have an iPhone) it will alert you that an unidentified AirTag has been following you, giving you just enough time to call the police. Good luck explaining it to the dispatcher though

  10. you are all being stalked; information collected on you ; every last detail. you just won't know; unless you need to be pressured back into submission to it. for your own good ; of course

  11. 2 of my favourite tech presenters finally paired together! I hope for more of these types of collaborations

  12. The moment I saw he took the stairs at covent garden I knew he was going to die. I did it once, never again.

  13. 13:19 This one shot has to be one of my favorite things I’ve ever watched on YouTube. The whole bus event seemed like something strait out of a movie!

  14. I love that Arun doesn’t even bother to use a phone case, he’d probably drop it in the train tracks and not even shed a tear

  15. It's worth noting that in the real world Tom's iPhone should tell him that an airtag not attached to his Apple ID, and not attached to the Apple ID of anyone nearby has been consistently near him. Just incase anyone is worried about actually being stalked with an AirTag. While still possible there are some features that try to prevent it. Great video idea nonetheless!

  16. "I'm still wearing a stupid hat aren't I?"
    No honey you're still wearing a stupid FFP2 mask 🤣

  17. Doesn't the air tag alert you if you move with an air tag that is not registered to your phone?

  18. Hardly realistic when you know you're being stalked and the stalker has a list of your itinerary 🤔😜


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