Has The "Cheapest" Mac Studio Turned Me?

It’s time to answer the question. After over two months using the Cheapest Mac Studio, am I ditching my $6000 PC workstation? And if I do, should you?

Mac Studio Playlist –

0:00 – Opener
0:20 – Intro
1:18 – Why I Did It.
3:23 – Should You Do It?
4:54 – But.. But.. Upgradability???😫
6:07 – Too Much Computer for You?
7:08 – Really Giving up on PC?
8:09 – The Rest of the Tools.
9:35 – The Big Picture.
10:38 – Conclusion

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  1. Are you a veteran ? Thank you for your service to the country. Great video about explaining the Mac Studio being a scalpel and you PC being your swiss army knife. I see your point of the Mac Studio being a great best option for video editing. And the PC serving all your other needs.

  2. I've been part of the PC ecosystem since I sold my TRS-80 Model I for an original IBM PC 5150 in 1981, and I've lost count of how many systems I've built since then. The only Apple products I bought and used were the original iPad when it came out and an iMac in the mid-2000s. I bought the iMac because I wanted to see what things were like "on the other side" but I found it just wasn't for me and I hardly ever used it.

    The main reasons I'd have trouble switching are:

    1) I play flight simulators and have a lot of specialized controllers and other hardware that don't work with macs. There also isn't much software in that genre for Apple hardware.

    2) I like to tinker with the hardware in my systems and Apple's closed system approach simply doesn't appeal to me.

  3. Hey get Parallels Desktop yesterday! You can have many DIFFERENT versions of Windows and run it on your Apple machine inside the virtual machine onscreen. No kidding, you can run all your old Office versions etc. ON THE VERSION OF WINDOWS YOU BOUGHT IT FOR! Give me a shout if I can help! –

  4. I was a PC user for over 40 years myself, but I switched over to Apple about 7 years ago. I was building my PC starting in 2000 and even got certified as a PC technician. My reason for switch is I like the Apple ecosystem and I am accomplishing more on actual work on an Apple computer.

  5. It does very well at office things too. About the only thing I wouldn’t use my Mac for is gaming, but I never game anymore, so it doesn’t even matter.

  6. I just upgraded to this from a 2015 intel iMac- which at the time was maxed out. For weeks I've been trying just to get a 30 second rough cut of a spec ad I filmed in 4K Pro Res Raw. Even with proxies enabled, background rendering turned off and playing at low quality (with no effects) , any time I cut or trimmed I'd have to wait five + minutes.The fans would kick on, sometimes the beach ball would make a cameo. I was really beginning to hate filmmaking. But with Mac Studio, it took me 20 minutes-that was with added playing around and installing programs and luts from my old Mac. The Studio was silent. It stuttered a few times but that was mainly because I was stacking effects on purpose and then trimming just to see what it would do- and even the stuttering was taken care of in just a few seconds. So I'm excited to see what this will be like when following a proper workflow. The cherry on top was what took my old Intel Mac 15 minutes and 30 seconds to export took the Mac Studio 20 seconds. Crazier still to me is that I'm not editing off the internal ssd nor any thunderbolt drives- just an old usb external hard drive. So..yeah…this is incredible to me. I would definitely not have gotten this for anything but using Final Cut Pro. Its a very specialized (pricey) tool. But dang….so fast!

  7. I found this channel today. I watched your “Welcome To Elevated Systems” video right before this one.

    I am very inspired by your progress.
    Thank you. ❤️

  8. Can I uh, borrow that threadripper? =) Honestly using what works is always the best bet, if the scalpel does what you need happy it does it for you. As someone who works with windows/macs/linux and freebsd as far as I'm concerned it's good to have choice, though I wish apple was a lot friendlier about repairs. The tinkerer in me (who is always pulling apart and rebuilding some computer) knows what you mean about most people never touching their computers after they are bought or built. And if they did I'd be out of a job =D

    The other way to go is to try linux as a daily driver and do the exact opposite of using a mac and cause yourself needless pain and anguish. That said I'm using linux as my day to day OS on my laptop, so again choice is good.

  9. PC industry is moving in the higher dollar range. Studio fills a gap between the 32core AMD and the 8 core standard workstation. Instead of spending another 4k or another 6k your settling on a 2k for something that is more specialized. I used a Apple computer years ago to move data that my USB 2 just could not handle. Intel and AMD will for sure start putting in more video encoding in there chip to compete on some levels. Amazed at the engineering.

  10. You don't need a $6000 PC workstation, in 2022.

    $2000 Mac Studio gets you 32gb RAM, and puny 512gb SSD. And a weak gpu.

    $2000 PC gets you all this:

    Windows 10 Professional
    Intel 12700KF cpu
    64gb RAM
    2tb ultra-fast SSD
    RTX 3070 video card

    The PC is easily upgraded with more RAM or faster CPU.

    And when the next monster video cards from AMD or NVidia release in the near future, it's an easy upgrade.

    Compare that to Mac Studio: locked down, zero upgrades, a dead end machine for sure. In time, the cooling fan inside the Mac Studio will be choked with dust. How to clean it?

  11. I "upgraded" to a base M1 Mini and gave my buddy my 2014 i7 iMac…..he was strictly a PC user but now uses the iMac as his Daily Driver….he says he just sits down and does "his thing" …. with zero issues.

  12. Since you also use Windows for many years then I am sure you, like me, have external drives that are formatted with NTFS. With my MacBook Pro M1 Pro I need to have an external SSD to hold my 2tb+ of data. Apple can only read NTFS though and cannot write. Apple uses APFS, but Windows can only read it. So, it makes things very difficult to have drives that you want to use with Apple sometimes and sometimes with Windows. One poor choice is using exFAT for the drives since both Apple and Windows can read/write it, but it is not a robust file system. NTFS and APFS are robust file systems. What are you doing to handle this since you have so many drives for your PC that you say you are also using with your Mac? Thanks.

  13. The funny thing is, I used Macs for nearly 30 years, and just recently left the platform entirely, moved to a PC that I built. I don't do video editing, though.

  14. Well, in your whole series you are comparing your 2018 PC to a 2022 Mac! which is almost 4 years old and still is better in most of the tasks.. Macs are like consoles for video editors.

  15. I ended up getting the studio mainly for the ports. There’s not enough on the mini for me. Switching to a Mac from a gaming pc mainly because I don’t have much time to game, and I want something quiet with a small footprint. I’m hoping the Mac OS is alright, but coming from windows 11 I don’t think it can be worse then that. Got a slightly upgraded 32 core gpu and 1 tb ssd for almost the same price as the base model with the student discount. Just have to wait forever now for it to be delivered.

  16. My first true computer (I'm not counting the glorified word processor I started with) was an Apple IIe that I purchased in '89. I transitioned to Windows in the mid-90s when I got the gaming PC building bug. That's where I parked until I got interested in Apple again and purchased the space gray 2018 Mac mini. Now we're a multi-platform household with my wife on a Windows PC exclusively while I'm all over the map: an M1 Studio just like yours that's my primary machine, a mid 2013 13" MBP that's my project computer running macOS Catalina and Windows 10 via bootcamp, and a Raspberry Pi 4. Windows on bootcamp is important to me because, like you, I still have needed applications that will only run on an x86 machine (or that I'm too cheap to upgrade to Mac versions).
    (p.s., knowing you're also a vet makes me even happier that I subscribed to your channel)