Full Day with the iPhone 13 Pro Max | 6 Month Battery Test!

So I’ve had the iPhone 13 Pro Max for a little more than 6 months now and in all that time i’ve been using it for my day to day as well as work activities. Join me on a real day in the life with the iPhone 13 Pro Max where I test the Camera & Battery. This is a 6 month of use review.
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  1. I have a iPhone 13 Pro Max I bought mines when it came out I only charge mines when it gets down to about 37% & my battery health is 97% it seems like it doesn’t last that long not to me! I had a iPhone 11 Pro Max Prior to getting the 13 Pro Max that one I had for a little over a year & the batter health was 97 after a years use! And for my Pro Max 13 to be at 97 & it hasn’t been a full year yet I’m thinking I should get my battery replaced maybe I got a defected battery!

  2. I don't know if I just got a faulty phone but the battery isn't up to par of what I've been seeing with these videos. My battery can drop a good 8% in about 15 minutes with pretty light usage. I once had to be outside calling for roadside assistance and the hour that I was outside calling and using all these apps, it dropped a good 30 ish percent, which is terrible. Yes I had it on 5g Auto with T-Mobile and got 5GUC which could've been a factor but for the power this phone holds, it shouldn't have been a problem

  3. I have got a ProMax and I also like the battery life,screen on time 8-9 hours.
    Did You use a magsafe battery pack ever,for boost the battery time?