How to remove Apple Watch properly from iCloud

I Bought an Apple Watch from eBay and the seller reset it before send it to me and I wasn’t able to set it up because it was still locked to his iCloud,
In this video I show you how to remove your Apple Watch before you send it to someone else .


  1. BypassRa1n worked for me
    web-search it

    Hi, I am a UK viewer and waiting for my iPhone 12 Pro Max. Your video has been very helpful (only got as far as Chapter 3 so far). I agree with the comment about continuous movement of the iPhone. Better to have it placed at an appropriate distance, which would meet all your description requirements. Also, I suspect that some of the features you mention will be specific to the USA, and will not have a UK variant? Many thanks

  2. Only @CrackSmith Can Remove iCloud/Activation Lock On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV, Apple Watch & Macbook.
    See The Live Proof In The Channel.