iPhone SE 2022 vs iPhone 11 SPEED Test – Battle of the Cheapest!

iPhone SE 2022 vs iPhone 11 Speed Test! | iPhone 11 vs IPhone SE Gaming, Web Browsing, RAM & More

Here’s a speed test between the iPhone SE 2022 vs iPhone 11. We test app launching, gaming, Benchmarks & more!

Just like its predecessors, the 2022 iPhone SE is a beast in a small package…but the iPhone 11 is also a beast, just in a bigger package. And now in 2022, these are the 2 cheapest iPhones sold by Apple. So I wanted to put them up against each other in a traditional speed test.

So, just how much faster is the iPhone SE 2022 over the iPhone 11? We’re going to test app launching speeds, gaming, web browsing, RAM management and much more to find out.

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0:00 Intro
0:39 iPhone SE 2022 vs iPhone 11 Specs
0:54 Bootup Test
1:46 App Launching Test
3:11 Gaming on iPhone SE 3 vs iPhone 11
5:51 CoD Gameplay on iPhone SE & iPhone 11
7:53 NBA 2K22 on SE & 11 (and HEAT update)
9:37 Camera Test
10:28 RAM Test
11:51 Web Browsing Test
14:13 Wi-Fi Speed Test
15:01 Benchmarks
15:47 Conclusion

What did you think of the speed test? Were you surprised by the iPhone SE 3 at all?

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  1. tho the se has a better chip and its a bit faster, the 11 has longer battery life and also a bigger display, also better, so if i have to choose i would choose the iphone 11

  2. Imagine Apple made the SE like the Plus phones like 7 Plus or 8 Plus. I would have bought one already for sure.
    But this screen size is a bit smaller than what someone would need for daily usage.

  3. lol no duh, going from A13 cpu for iphone 11 to A15 cpu for iphone se 2022 is a huge difference. 2 generations of cpu will make almost everything faster. basically iphone se 2022 is iphone 13 with all the downgraded hardwares, except for the cpu.

  4. I upgraded to a 13 pro max from an 11 and honestly I notice 0 speed differences, the 11 is better than the se in literally every single way other than 5g (which I barely notice) and the a15 which is barely any better than the a13, it’s honestly a no brainer for the 11 at $70 more unless you’re on a tight budget or truly can’t live without touch id

  5. There's not much of a difference right now, but gradually as years will pass by iphone se 2022 will outperform iphone 11 for sure!! Due to it's a15 chipset..

  6. you should start these test with both phones at 100 percent and by the end of the video see what they are at, Just to get a general idea of what battery difference is.

  7. Of course the iphone se v3 was gona be faster, but only by 1 sec lol. Still the iPhone 11 its the best choice overall betweeen these 2 for consumers

  8. I have the se it's pretty good I do heavy duty tasks such as video editing playing games with high quality while screen recording but I'm going to upgrade soon though so I can have two phones for my YouTube channel

  9. There is no reason to speed test these phones. The iPhone SE 3 has the same amount of RAM and a newer A series chip. The only major differences are the battery life and the screen size. The WiFi card is the same and the SE 3 has 5g.