M2 MacBook Air vs M1 MacBook Air – Which One to Get?

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MacBook Air M2 vs MacBook Air M1 – Design, Display, Camera, Performance, Battery & more!

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  1. Lol me watching this on my early-2015 13” MBP. Definitely due for an upgrade soon. I think 256gb is enough because I just need a laptop to browse and do personal admin.

    Hmmm, thoughts?

  2. I'm planning to upgrade to a macbook air from windows and I'm confused between getting an M1 with 16gb unified memory and 512 SSD and M2 with 8gb unified memory and 512 SSD. I would be using it for college, so if anyone could help me make a decision it would be a great help!

  3. It is good but maybe no worth upgrading if you have the M1. It is a matter of taste but I like the ergonomics of M1 more and also the sound seems better on M1 too. Nice comparison, thanks.

  4. Based on the scratching around that USB port after one use of it I suspect there's going to be a Paint/Scratch issue with this machine. Shame, it's a gorgeous blue but you can't dye metal and sufficient varnish to protect it would change all the tolerances around the vents/hinges/ports, beyond reliability.

  5. You did recommend to whoever owns a MacBook Air M1 that it’s not that great of a gap to switch to M2, but what about people that want to get into the world of MacOS? Do you recommend MacBook Air M1 or M2?

  6. Thanks for the comparison. I agree if I already had a M1 Air it probably wouldn't make sense to upgrade but since I am upgrading from my now 7 year old MBP I went ahead and spent the extra $$ and ordered the M2 Air

  7. The Midnight color is πŸ”₯ Good job ordering that color and with this comparison. I have been looking forward to see the M2 Midnight.
    I'm not worried about smudges. It is the cost of doing business because the Silver color is uncool and Space Grey is tired. Am I wrong?
    This M2 MBA is fantastic. 1080P camera, 13.6, supports Spatial Audio and includes Touch ID.
    Cannot wait for mine to arrive