Make Windows 10 LOOK LIKE MacOS BIG SUR | Customize Windows 10 | Aesthetic Theme

How I make Windows 10 look and feel like Mac OS Big Sur.Customize desktop with this theme to make it look better, aesthetic.

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and go to ???? ???????

Have issues ?
Watch the video again or use system restore point.

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  1. y la gran pregunta es por qué no comparte los enlaces?… niivu que es el creador a eliminado el SUIT BIG SUR

  2. how do you make ALL the applications have the minimise/maximize/close buttons like macOS? it doesnt work for chrome and some other applications

  3. If I were to only need the Orb to be like the one from MacOS. Besides creating a restore point, I can skip the previous steps right?

  4. i have a queston how do i change back to windows? like if i no longer want the big sur them can i just delete the apllication? or…

  5. How does it run is it atleast half assed smooth or glitchy asf i have lots of ram if that helps

  6. I tried to do this to my laptop and it worked wonders! Thank you so much for the step by step guide. Definitely deserved to be subscribed!

  7. Can you paste the link for file form your computer (beaucose deviantart link doesn't work) the big sur windows 10 suite

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