Unbox & Set Up my Apple Watch with me! | Apple Watch Series 5

Hey loves! I hope that your holidays have been going great and have been filled with love and cheer, no matter what you celebrate! This is a short little unboxing and setting up video ft. my Apple Watch, Series 5 that I got for Christmas. Obviously I literally JUST got it, so this is more a first impression type video, as I have really don’t know that much about it yet. Subscribe & turn on my notifications so you don’t miss out on my Christmas Haul! Also, comment down below for a chance to get a subscriber shoutout. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  1. Hi I am new to your YouTube channel vlog I am Watching your vlog about your new silver Apple Watch ⌚️ I just got my Apple Watch ⌚️ today

  2. I just saw your channel, and it's totally worth the visit!! You've AMAZING Content!💖
    And this video is so useful as I wanted to buy an apple watch but I wanted full info about it..and your rewiew is totally perfect, thanks! Subscribed & Liked 😉

  3. I really liked thus video and found it informative because I’ve never had or even touched an Apple Watch before. Most YouTube reviews seem to assume that you are already experienced with the Apple Watch but your video is fantastic for a first timer. Thank you. Do you have any plans to do a follow up review?