Conan Travels – "Orchard Apple Picking with Mr. T" – 2/11/09

Conan Travels – “Orchard Apple Picking with Mr. T” – 2/11/09

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  1. I've watched Conan for a lot of years over a lot of iterations and this is still one of my favorite segments.

  2. they cut out the funniest part. after Mr t gets hit with the tree he says. ..I eat trees fool!

  3. I would love to meet Mr. T in real life. I like people that looks scary but actually are some of the best people on this planet.

  4. Thought about this for the first time in years today and was glad it was easy to find on YouTube. No way is it from 2009, though– a quick google search shows it was part of an October 2000 episode.

  5. Is it me or there are no apples in these trees? When I go pick apples, they look like they're gonna broke by the weight of thousand apples.

  6. T is hilarious. Seems like he'd be such a fun guy to hang out with. I can just imagine some of the amazing stories he has.

  7. I pity the fool! (I pity the fool!)I pity the fool! (I pity the fool!)I pity the fool who messes with T!

  8. This should´ve been a recurrent thing. One of the coolest Conan remotes and thats saying alot.


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