Apple Silicon Face-Off: M1 Ultra vs M1 Max vs RTX 3090… And Much More!

Apple’s new Mac Studio device features the latest cutting-edge M1 Ultra silicon, effectively ‘duct taping’ two M1 Max processors together via an advanced mega-bandwidth interconnect. So what kind of scaling is possible from M1 Max and M1 Ultra, and crucially how well does it game up against Nvidia’s mighty GeForce RTX 3090. Oliver Mackenzie has the answers and this video.

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  1. I love my apple and windows computers equally. I can’t imagine livening my life with just one of side. I love having access to both

  2. I would not use an apple product even if they gave me one for free.
    But Im glad they are doing this, we need more competition so AMD and Intel dont relax.

  3. In 2 months Resident Evil Village written with Metal 3 will be released for MacOS. The new Metal 3 Api is getting rolled out next month with iOS 16 and MacOS 13. Since Resident Evil Village already has an x86 PC version out in the wild it should be a better game to conduct performance comparisons between Apple silicon and x86 PC. The world can finally retire Tomb Raider tests! lol

  4. Seems like a great efficenct platform however were talking £5,958.48 for the 8tb version thrn your talking £1500 for a mac display or £600/£700 if you went for quailty a non mac monitor

  5. I would have additionally liked to see a cost/performance comparison. That M1 Ultra performance is even less compelling if you can get equivalent PC performance for cheaper.

  6. Apple hardware is truly amazing. If only the software would be as good. The OS is the most awful piece of software ever created. It makes you waste so much time it's basically unusable for me.

  7. How do you only get a score of 10221 and 65 fps on SOTTR with a 3090 ?!
    I get a score of 17263 and 109 fps with an RTX 3090 OC & 5900X @ 4K with everything on Max settings (AF 16x, Ultra details, Ultra Shadows) but No DLSS nor RT.
    Even if my GPU is OC going from 65 to 109 is 68% more performance… Something is wrong with your benchmark guys! 🤔