M2 MacBook Air: The Ultimate Everyday Computer | 2 Weeks of Use!

I have been using the M2 Macbook Air for a bit over 2 weeks now and this thing is amazing, but its not the ultimate recommendation.

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0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Entry Level
1:00 – Which Model
1:45 – How I Use It
4:05 – Can You Game?
6:56 – Battery Life And Charging Ports
8:10 – Design
10:20 – Overall Thoughts

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  1. A few weeks ago ordered this laptop and upped it to 16GB of RAM and the 512 SSD. Stayed with the base 8 core. It’s a beast. I’ve thrown a lot at it and it absolutely smokes my new office issued Dell Latitude with equivalent specs.

  2. $1,199 isn’t an entry level price point. If you’re doing basic work, and web browsing the M1 MacBook Air can do all of that at $899. This M2 is not $300 better.

  3. Best review on Base model M2 MacBook Air so far! I was considering to return my base model with all other review on this M2, but I've changed my mind after watching this video. Thanks!

  4. When you mention your M1 and M2 Airs are similar, I think that could be said for MacBooks going back 5-7 years. They're all great machines for "everyday" office productivity.

  5. WARNING: Midnight shows fingerprints and everything so easily. It's also not as black as it appears at the beginning of the video. I'm returning Midnight to get Silver instead

  6. Oh my goodness, thank you for the review. I am a heavy ms office user and use onedrive extensively. There are hardly any videos on whether onedrive works on the m2 chip on YouTube. Can I check with you on whether I can work on excel files on onedrive from the web browser? Thanks in advance!

  7. Dude you don't get it.. people are hating it NOT because it can't edit 8k footage. But because Apple has cunningly made 256gb version slower so we have to buy a higher model and spend more. Yet they advertise it like a 1200 dollar product.
    They did the same with the base model iMac which has only one fan. (Also 256gb for a computer at 2022 is a joke.)

  8. I would not call this an entry level laptop lol… sure it is not a MacBook pro but this thing can even blow some other Windows laptops out of the water for the same price (Battery/performance per watt, Touchpad, all alluminum body, 1080p cam, no fan, thinness, etc). Only downside is repairability and upgradability but again I have been with the m1 for almost 1.5 years with no issues using it for remote work.

  9. I would say guys if your work includes only the things he mentioned then save your money and buy the base mode ipad or for good aesthetic and c-type port availability buy ipad air 5 which is embedded with M1 chip.

  10. The biggest question is for 500€ more like in Italy, is it worth it to buy it or the M1?
    I think I'll go for the M1 the price difference here is too much

  11. To be fair, all these basic tasks and light work can easily be handled by an M1 Air for less. Its not as sexy and new but practically wise the M1 Air remains the value king.

  12. Any computer can literally do what this one does for a way cheaper price. Why someone would pay $1200 for a simple basic tasking computer is beyond me. You are throwing your money down and these things don't hold up over time. And yes, these do overheat. Why? because they are super slim and it's going to damage the hardware as anything extensive can make it go over 100 degrees. The life of this computer isn't going to be all that long if you're pushing it to its limits all the time. Make a better decision instead of getting people to buy a $1200 laptop that any other computer can do. If you're going to play games, then get a gaming laptop. Those have actual airflow and can run cool and withstand the heat.

  13. No point fussing about SSDgate when the only activity I would notice the slower read/write speed (transferring files) is dictated by my external hard drives speed, and not if I choose an M2 or M2 machine (which both have higher internal SSD’s than the external SSD’s). Correct?

  14. Finally, I found the video that talks good things about the MacBook Air with an m2 chip. Oh, thanks, dude. U just makes me feel good. Now, I can buy this air confidently.

  15. The M1 completely changed what we have come to expect from “entry level” laptops. I bought an Intel i3 MacBook Air in April 2020, and you could lightly edit two streams of 1080p footage MAX on that thing and you’d still need to drop res while editing. The battery lasted like five hours or so, and it was hot to the touch with just a few tabs open.

    The M1 completely revolutionized and changed what was possible on a $999 device. Now people are like “why can’t this entry level device edit five streams of 8k?”

    Ridiculous lol

  16. The new Air M2 is beautiful and overall very good for basic tasks but the slower SSD at that price is a sort of slap on our faces.
    I would buy it only with a good discount

  17. Nicely put. You set the right expectations when it comes to use and performance. It's very disturbing to see power users crying about performance when Apple literally has MacBooks pros and studio to offer.

  18. Really neat quick review, thanks. I'm also a very happy M2 user after upgrading from an old Macbook 12. What is the neat stand plus palm rest combo you are using? Any recommendations?