The iPad's Odd New Feature

Stage Manager in iPadOS 16 is fascinating to me. I have a theory…

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  1. For myself, the iPad is mostly for research and reading – so being able to have a journal article open at the same time I have my notes App open is very helpful (split screen). Many times, I have the iPad next to my computer on a stand where the iPad is the “collector” of research material (books, journals) and the computer is the is the “capture” device (notes, etc).
    Ideally, having the ability to cut/paste between the two (collect/capture) is what I look to do.

  2. I have an ipad air 4 with the magic keyboard that I traded for my 2020 intel (ugh let’s not go there) macbook air. 99% of the time I use it on the magic keyboard to the point that I took it out to clean it thenither day and I had it on portrait mode and it looked weird to me LOL, I love that thing. It keeps me so entertained, from playing rs3, to watching shows & youtube on it. I also have started getting into drawing because of it.

  3. I do not have an iPad yet, but I know which model I will take, and what I will do with it.

    I will take the iPad Air, 64GB, WiFi Model.

    And I would it use to bring it to work for simple work things, document writing, spreadsheets, but also for home things, like watching netflix, youtube, or to use it in the Bus, as I am always travelling in a Bus for more than an hour.

  4. Hear me out. The calculator is a popout widget in the same sub menu as the flashlight. Then, it's right there drawn over whichever other apps you need to use it with like on a desktop? ?Familiar to a desktop but unique enough to feel iPad.

  5. I use my iPad to: Watch tv while i'm working on my mac, Email, Browsing, accessing work related networks, music, gaming, weather (BBC). I would use more things on it but I am limited by the memory on my model but I can do those things on my Mac anyway.

  6. Call me crazy, but I think Stage Manager is the best multitasking feature yet. Sure it still needs work, but I love the overlapping windows and adjustment features.

  7. Apple should just stop trying to control everything and let users define how they want to use the stage manager. Take a page from Samsung Tab S and the Dex mode.

  8. I have the gen 5 air and I use it mostly as just a normal tablet, I have a Logitech keyboard so I just take the keyboard of really easily and although it’s heavier I like having a actual protective case.