Install Monterey in a VM with Parallels 17 on M1 Mac! How to Setup a macOS Monterey Virtual Machine!

NEW!!! You can now run macOS Monterey in a VM or Virtual Machine on an M1 Mac through Parallels Desktop 17! I will walk you through the entire process so you can test it out yourself!

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Install Monterey in a VM with Parallels 17 on M1 Mac! How to Setup a macOS Monterey Virtual Machine!

Apple Configurator 2

macOS Monterey IPSW Restore Files

– Apple Silicon Mac (running macOS 12 Beta 3 or newer)
– Parallels Desktop 17
– macOS Monterey can only be run as a VM Guest. macOS Big Sur does not have the built in code.

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  1. I tried to enroll the Parallels Mac in Intune, not working. I think it has to do with with the name it's presenting it self with: Apple Virtual Machine 1. Can that be changed? Or does someone have info regarding enrolling virtual Mac in Intune?! Thanks

  2. wait, for the app sharing thing why won't any of the apps you run on the vm monterey appear on the dock in your system? I mean eg if you run like system pref on the monterey normally it appears with 2 vertical lines on the dock right? or does this only applies to having a windows vm?

  3. I'm on Parallels v17 running Monterey on an M1 host with Monterey. I'm unable to get Mac system shortcuts e.g CMD+TAB to work on the VM, it will just send those commands to the host machine — even in fullscreen mode and when I specifically enable it in the Parallels Desktop preferences. Are you able to get those working in the VM? If so, could you tell me how? Thanks very much.

  4. I'm on Parallels v17 running Monterey on an M1 host with Monterey. In Parallels Control Center, I only see a power button, no cogwheel to configure the VM. Do you see the same experience? I'm wondering if this is a problem with my install or if it's by design — that's a huge problem!

  5. Love the video. Is there any way to increase the VM HD size for Monterey? I need more storage allocated and I don’t see any way to increase the HD size for the VM.

  6. Great introduction. I got two issues with Parallels Desktop 17. Host is macOS Monterey and in Parallels I have installed macOS Mojave for running some 32-bit programs.
    The mouse curser freezes all the time in Parallels OS.
    I have issues getting a full screen in Parallels macOS Mojave.
    Long shot if I get help here

  7. I still don't understand this… The reason I would want to run macOS Monterey beta inside a Parallels VM is so I could test/check out Monterey BEFORE I install it onto my production machine. If you can't install Monterey in Parallels unless you're already running Monterey on the host M1 computer, you've already jumped the gun and committed to running Monterey as your operating system. Once your M1 Mac is running Monterey as its operating system, what's the point of using Parallels to install Monterey as a GUEST on a Monterey HOST?

  8. I already have Parallels Desktop 17 installed, and when I select New I get the Installation Assistant with the "About Macs with M1 Chip" window, but when I click Continue, the Create New window does not have an option to scroll the "Free Systems" bar to either side, so there is no option to Download MacOS. So how can I get that option??

  9. Apologies if this was covered before – but can you take a parallels VM of Mac OS Big Sur and copy it onto an M1 Mac and run it from the M1 Mac? Also can you talk a little about the Ram utilization? Is this ok with 8Gb Unified Ram or do you have 16Gb

  10. I'm waiting to see what VMWare does. They are my virtual Machine solution for now. Right now I don't have an Apple Silicone Mac, and no immediate plans to buy one. Still, it's good to see the progress, so I know what will be available. The main reason I've stuck with VMWare is they are cross platform, so I'm not stuck on a mac to be able to run a VM of Windows, Linux etc. Plus years back, when I tested both products, VMWare worked better in my environment, so that's what I've stuck with.