Apple's M1 Mac Studio Ultra – Do benchmarks lie?

Unboxing and first thoughts on Apple’s Mac Studio Ultra and why you can’t rely on benchmarks

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00:00 – Intro
00:19 – Unboxing & first thoughts
03:00 – Why benchmarks lie
08:00 – Who is this for


  1. 2:46 I agree 100%. They could have made that part of the case separarte from the rest, maybe held by 6 torx screws. It would still look sleek; that part is in the back anyways.

  2. at 4:00 you screwed up, actually if you pay attention to the benchmarks, the M1 chips GPU, and CPU don't like high wattage it's called native performance, it delivers its the best performance at 40W for the CPU(80W for the Ultra 2 chips) a 100 and something for the GPU and the graph Apple showed that was controversial, proves my point before the Ultra seeing the power draw from the latest Mac Book Pro(M1 Pro and Max), at first i was sure that the M1 will never come to the Desktop realm, Apple had one trick that they hid before, they had a high bus that make it possible to glue to M1 Max's together that form the Ultra, it has a huge bottleneck that insane layering of cache and interconnection between a different couple of CPU cores per 2 per 4 per 8, and per GPU cores and per Unified Memory and all the rest, it explains the huge size of the chip, and it explains also why the intel i9 12th gen beat it on several benchmarks especially multicore, the Desktop is still untouched on the PC side and remember the RTX3090 was around for 3 years now, logically the M1 chips next iteration won't be revolutionary, the current M1 already have 2 big flaws showing, the native Wattage it can handle, and the insane amount of layering that Unified Memory comes at a cost, the next GPUs from AMD and Nvidia are to be announced probably already in production, for Desktops PC is still king, Mac has the edge on laptops specially Ultrabooks the alikes of Mac Book Air it's an undisputed Apple reign, so when you say if you feed it a more wattage it will beat the RTX 3090 that not true, if you feed it more wattage it will blow out, every chip CPU or GPU have a span of wattage when it start to perform decently to native performance until it's hit's a plateau after overclocking, the M1 don't LIKE AT ALL HIGH WATTAGE

  3. Hi Sam, I'm a new subscriber! I really like your channel, I wanted to ask you how is the noise from the machine under load? I read comments that the max version is louder than the ULTRA version, do you know why that might be case? Thank you!

  4. Totally agree about benchmarking software. Most benchmark code can be improved by cleverer coding, better compiler optimizations and better cache utilizations. Most of the time the code is also very unsafe, ignoring error checking and compiled with max optimizations. The benchmark may be affected by the compiler’s backend output for a particular processor. A benchmark may run faster on an Intel chip than an ARM64 processor just because the compiler outputs better machine code for Intel.

  5. Brother, you are one of the ONLY reviewers telling this like it is – it is OBVIOUS that the performance potential for the Ultra is massive, and that unoptimised apps are not tapping a fraction of the full power available. Next few months will tell the true story.

  6. Finally, sensible words about these machines!!!
    In fact, I expect that with updates to the operating system and software,
    the capabilities of the Studio Max and Studio Ultra will finally be fully exploited …
    … at the moment, however, all these strange "star youtubers" assume that these are the values,
    and therefore that buying a macbook pro or a studio max is the same thing (Ultra to be discarded like the plague, money wasted)
    …but the macbook also gives you the keyboard and a splendid monitor (the maximum of 16) and the speakers, and then you can carry it around! .. and then buy the macbook and not buy the studio!
    As if we were all the same and we all had the same needs,
    all, obviously after a week or two of testing!

    (You have a new subscriber!)

  7. You can compare performance against itself. Run an 8k video export, time it. Run the same export while running cinebench. Compare the difference. Do the same in another computer. for example

  8. The reason why they didn't release M1 Ultra to developers is to … PREVENT leaks. πŸ˜‰

    Otherwise, everyone would know what Apple is working on.

    It's a catch 22.

    So while it's easy to criticize, in reality, Apple is only doing what's practical.

    People will adopt to leverage M1Max/Ultra's power … because it's the way forward and the performance per watt is just too good to deny.

    The apps that ran the benchmarks at the time are in "beta" … so it's a matter of time before they release to the public. Agreed that their timing isn't the best, but sometimes the software takes time to catchup to the hardware.