Apple Mac Studio Review (M1 Ultra) – HOLY SH*T!

Unboxing, Benchmark & Review of the 2022 Apple Mac Studio with M1 Ultra! Who should buy this, and just how fast is the M1 Ultra (and is it a big upgrade over the M1 Max MacBook Pro 16)?

00:00 Sexy Intro & Unboxing
00:59 Design & Power
04:00 M1 Max vs M1 Ultra
08:00 Real World Tests
09:44 What is the M1 Ultra
11:50 Wait for Mac Pro?
12:50 Price & Specs
14:13 Should You Buy?

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  1. The most important part of all of these reviews is the crippled graphics at 60 Hz. WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? OMg and why would you buy a 60Hz display for the price of four 120Hz displays?!!! Im sorry but you had to hamstring the laptop at 60 hz to get an equivalent test? NO NO NO NO. Run the tests STRAIGHT UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are all of the reviewers giving apple a pass on this?? They botched this thing. they botched the entire lineup and displays at 60 Hz and wont even let you use an external GPU. dumb dumb dumb dumb

  2. I'm an Apple Fan, but M1's are not suitable for high end use for anything other than MAC specific mostly graphics use, hence studio. You are absolutely locked out of all x86 applications, which is devastating for network applications – related to Cisco, Palo Alto, Splunk, F5, Aruba, CheckPoint, etc..

    You are better off in this case with an INTEL NUC – 16 cores, 64 G RAM, 10Gbps – and will run a dozen linux/vmware/KVM hosts simultaneously.

  3. Here what happened I had from apple disruptions about the ultra and I gave my own opinion and Apple went and removed it . Thirst forums of apple doesn’t help others all they want you to right all positive and not the truth so people gets cheated and buy this very expensive computer ! The 24” colored one that I bought for one month and sold was much better than this one I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO SPEND SO MUCH WAITED TWO AND A JALF MONTHS AND GOT JUNK WISHED I LEFT THE OLD ONE ITS A CUSTOM ORDER AND CANT RETURN IT DO NOT BUY THIS MAC ULTRA

  4. thanks good review, looking to upgrade. slightly digressing here. Im watching this on the studio display, the voice recording is so crisp that the high tweets and "s" are really audible to the point that they are overblown – not sure thats the technical term. Im hoping its not my speakers. Anyone else notice this when listening on the studio display?

  5. Great review. I should replace my legacy iMac. Home usage but lot of pictures and some video editing (not for professional purpose). I fear new iMac with straight M1 may 'fail', may be too slow with video editing. I was expecting for a new 'big iMAC' but … Anyway, Mac Studio could be perfect. The true question is: does Studio Display deserve the money it costs for home no-prof usage?

  6. Oh come on when Tim from Apple said that this is more powerful than the 2019 Mac Pro it was startling! It also taught me not to trust Apple anymore. It also taught me that Apple committed FRAUD. A 6K plus machine (MP) versus a overpriced Mac Mini? Does that makes sense? Don’t get me wrong I own several macs but to lie to me about the performance of this product is just too much to take and you still can’t upgrade the parts on this machine. I miss Steve Jobs!

  7. Hello and thanks for the video. I have a mac studio ultra 48 and, even without doing anything, I hear the fans spinning. They are about 1340rpm. Does your ultra do this too or do I have a problem with mine? Thank you

  8. Was liking this video until he started saying "should you buy it? well…no,…its not for you".
    This machine is for whoever wants it. Its power is meant for specific tasks but anyone can do these tasks. Most YouTubers are not audio engineers, videographers, and 90+ don't even have actual knowledge about technology, but we still watch them for their opinion.
    If someone wants this machine, they can get it. My nephew got a 16 inch MacBook Pro M1 Max base config because he wanted it. He's never gonna use all that power but he wanted it, simple as that.
    The worst thing that these YouTubers do is become presumptuous. "It's for me, but you should not get it". Thumbs Way Down!

  9. Cube 2
    Apple decieving with benchmarks the current Mac pro top specs are much faster at most things and and alderlake desktop are much faster with 3090 much faster .
    Geekbench does not credit threads in multicore like Geekbench which make amd and I tell look slower cinebench tells the real story