Wow, AirPods? No SoundPods, how good are they?

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Wow, AirPods? No, SoundPods how are good are they? For 20 bucks, they sure look really close to Airpod deigns. You can purchase these at your local walgreens.


  1. Maybe next time open the box and change them first, and then present them to us as if you are opening the box for the first time so that you can give us your opinion on how they sound. You missed the whole point on this one

  2. I just got mine today and I love them good quality and very nice sound it sounds amazing and it connect perfectly and I just love them but I have one question can they fit in a airpods case if so I wanna know

  3. You get what you pay for and for me $17 that's three days of use broken already. Don't wear near concrete. One is cracked and I didn't drop that one.