How Apples Are Made In A Lab

The Cosmic Crisp is a new apple variety that took 22 years to create, developed by lab scientists at Washington State University. Here’s how this apple is expected to save Washington’s apple industry.

Editor’s note: This video was filmed during Fall 2019.

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How Apples Are Made In A Lab .

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  1. I love apples but I'm allergic to ripe plants…

    don't ask what that means I don't even know how I'm allergic to ripe fruits

  2. Is it just me or does that old dude look like a sweet old man who probably blew up an orphanage idk why but his eyes just look… evil

  3. Man. Watching this video makes me relize how crazy people are about apples somwtimes.
    And how I really can't tell the diffrence becouse I dont eat apples that often 😂

  4. The apples where I live are so sweet and yummy. We pick them each fall and make all sort of delicious foods and desserts

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