Since its release in mid-September, iOS 13 has had a tough start, and while it brings new and popular features like Dark Mode, it is also one of the most memory-intensive versions of iOS updates in recent years.

More and more iPhone and iPad users complain that the RAM on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 is poorly managed, causing them to open the app immediately after switching applications, causing more frequent applications to reopen, including Safari, mail. The same is true for native applications.

Some users react, after switching to another application that may take up more memory (such as camera or iMessage), even in just a few seconds, you can enjoy a “backstage kill service”, the background process is completely clear.

“I’m on iPhone YouTube videos to watch on the 11 Pro, then paused a video reply message. Spent less than a minute in iMessage, when the return to YouTube, it will need to reload it, and watch the progress also lost. There are many similar situations on the iPad Pro. Compared to iOS 12, the iOS 13 App and Safari tabs are reloaded more frequently.” I

believe that the above foreign forum users’ statements are also well understood, and we are also The Weifeng community has received a lot of complaints about the iOS 13 background crashing.

Starting with iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2, the problem seems to get worse. Many developers have also discovered and tested this problem, says iOS designer and developer Nick Heer: “iOS 13.2 “excellently performs in killing background tasks.” “

He tested multiple times to switch between iMessage (news writing), and Safari (the browser page state), and each application foreground, the background are completely refresh this situation has occurred in the entire system iOS 13: Safari can’t even open a single tab in the background, and every application starts from scratch.Nick Heer laments: It’s like returning to an era where there was no multitasking before.

The biggest problem with poorly managed RAM is that users may lose application progress when performing tasks, such as editing text or watching videos. Some users reported that they had lost all drafts of the email just because they switched between the camera or the music app during the process.

This kind of problem may be related to how the new version of iOS works on older iPhones, but even on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models and the iPad Pro, RAM management issues still exist, the current reason is unknown, it is speculated that it is due to new The camera system has a large memory footprint.

Under normal circumstances, with excellent hardware components and software optimization, the iPhone should be better in memory management, and the result is worse. Such a bug may not be as serious as HomePod, but Apple should definitely put the fix to the background as the highest priority.