Apple Silicon M1 Chip – The Breakup with Intel Explained

Apple will no longer rely on Intel chips for its Mac lineup. Instead, the company’s homegrown ARM-based processors called the M1 will be replacing Intel. The silicon shift gives Apple new control over its own destiny and perhaps the future of the personal computer. In this video we explain Apple’s M1 chip, their breakup with Intel and what that would bring for the tech industry and the consumers.

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0:00 – Intro
0:46 – One More Thing
1:41 – Power PC and the Switch to Intel
3:49 – The Trouble with Intel
6:35 – The M1 Roadmap
10:54 – The Future of Apple and PCs

In this video Futurelicious shows you the latest tech news from Apple’s M1 Silicon chip. This video will show you how Intel lost apple and how the M1 chip could chance the way we think about and use personal computers. We focus on storytelling with topics based on science, technology and history.

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  1. Nice video man, but the volume your voice is low, on the next time try to make it a little more loud.

  2. Apple's M1 chip is out and Benchmarks on the new macbook air, mac mini and macbook pro look promising. Can't wait to see the new 16 macbook pro, imac and possibly mac pro. I'd most likely be upgrading my now 8 year old trashcan mac pro which I still use today. Are any of you looking forward to this new lineup?

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