2020 iPad (8th Gen) Review – Student Edition!

The 2020 iPad (8th generation) is a really solid option for students!
Buy iPad (Amazon): https://geni.us/sEos6
Apple Pencil: https://geni.us/DTEnqO
Logitech Pencil: https://geni.us/Owc8bY
Logitech 2S Mouse: https://geni.us/XIdRB
Logitech Pebble: https://geni.us/yVdoR4Z
Apple Smart Keyboard: https://geni.us/6s5IA

Apple Made the Perfect Laptop for Students: https://youtu.be/divZgBWrFQ0
Goodnotes vs Notability: https://youtu.be/68Hwd4QsXqc
How to take notes on iPad: https://youtu.be/i9ka-hXenz8
iPad Pro 2020 for Students: https://youtu.be/VcUGkHTXmcw
$30 Apple Pencil clones: https://youtu.be/7tEGZvWPWik
My Day in a Life at College: https://youtu.be/7mrhFjAFX-Q

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    So i am planning to switch from notebooks to digital note-taking

    which one should I buy – "IPAD 128gb wifi only 10.2 inch 8th gen (Rs. 43,845 with apple stylus)" or "IPAD Air 64gb 10.9-inch wifi only (Rs.60,593 with apple stylus)"

    I am not buying it for gaming, watching movies, or making videos…. it's just for note-taking

  2. i'm considering getting an ipad for notetaking, i still do pen and paper but i can't find my notes sometimes and when i do they're very disorganized. plus i got all of my books as pdfs this time around and i will probably continue to do so in the future so i have less of a need for the pen/paper method now. reading on my laptop is fine but its a bit awkward and taking notes on there is easy (keyboard + mouse) but not the most convenient. i might get this one or the mini since i don't want to spend too much, this will probably just be for schoolwork and the occasional youtube + netflix watch 🙂

  3. Your father was my mentor in college and, next to my own parents, probably had the biggest influence on me (particularly in my taste in film and literature…and politics). In fact, my then girlfriend and I used to babysit your three oldest siblings (who were a handful). Anyhoo, after MANY years I upgraded yesterday to an 8th generation iPad and figured there would probably be a great tutorial on YouTube. I was right and what a delight to see it was made by the son of my dear old friend. And yes, you and your father's alma mater is beautiful.

  4. I just have the thoughts that The apple mouse / ipad having that weird way to charge n etc are actually apple dont want the users to plug it while using, cus i. their case the want to maintain the image of being wireless. Impractical to us, but branding for them 😂 that is kinda silly but golly 😂 anyway , i love apple

  5. Finally something that can replace a laptop for a lot of students. Such as nursing, heck medical school students in general except for biomedical engineers, social sciences student, business students, history students, almost every student. Had to put almost in case the engineer, Computer science, and graphic design students flood me with replies about them still needing a laptop.

  6. Hi, i don’t have a fluent english but i have a question. Bluetooth mouses wok on iPad? I don’t need a adaptor?

  7. Stumbled here and thought this was a very informative video! I’m still not really sold on this iPad tho..

    I’m not a student but I’m ultimately looking for an iPad that can handle HD gaming and simple things that a MacBook could do, like email, safari, FaceTime, recipes, YouTube. Any suggestions? Anyone can feel free to answer. lol.


  9. does anyone know if I can use Adobe premiere pro on this??? I want to use a iPad instead of my Mac book pro

  10. I am going to use this only for my online sharing, as a ‘whiteboard’. This is the cheaper & new ipad that compatible with apple pencil.

    Not a fan of apple pencil, but i need to mirroring my ipad that i will write on it (while doing online sharing).

    I am now waiting for the ipad as I paid for it, yesterday.

  11. How come that iPad has that darker black on the top? I don’t see that on the page of apple when they show the iPad I’m probably slow lol

  12. If anyone can awnser my question it would be very helpful if you use Microsoft word on the 32gb is it enough storage please help thanks

  13. i bought this ipad and the 1st gen apple pen for like 590$ together. I'm relieved i bought this one instead of the pro lmao it would have cost more than my whole existence

  14. All i’m going to use this for is notes, youtube and netflix. hopefully i just didn’t drop 400 for a pencil and ipad just to not be able to use it

  15. I have concepts on my ipad 8th gen and i highly recommend it for a free note taking app. It is used for drawing but you can change to lined dotted or squared and also have projects which could replace books and sections for more organisation. It has a pro version but it is so good with the free version. Just an idea for some people

  16. What’s the use of a track or mouse when you have touchscreen? Is there a cursor on the iPad when connecting?

  17. I bought it, it s going to take a month for it to come to me I m very impatient. This is my first ipad and I m in 12th grade I want to use it in university so thanks

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