How to Jailbreak iOS 14.3/14.4 on Windows – CheckRa1n Windows

#iOS14 #Jailbreak #CheckRa1n

Checkra1n has just been update to 0.12.2 beta which improve A10/A10X iPhone 7 & 7Plus. iPhone X still

Official Checkra1n Site :
Get Ubuntu here



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  1. Did everything the way you did and it gets stuck when I try jailbreaking it. Says this right rigger message. Doesn’t ever move

  2. when i put my phone in dfu it doestn install the jailbreak… nothing is loading stock in the menu with the buttons

  3. What do I do to get back on windows?

    Edit: to get back, fully power off your pc, take out the usb, then turn your pc back on, and you should boot into windows

  4. I did all but at last i can't get that trust issue but connected in pc i reset to and restart too nothing work

  5. hey man hopefully you reply but I have a iphone 6s plus and I got everything set up, I am not able to put my phone in dfu mode , the screen turns off and apple logo shows up then it just goes into recovery mode again and again , I turned off the passcode see if that works but nothing

  6. Now I know why everyone here is recommending brake_tools on Instagram he just jailbreak my xr successfully

  7. I tried jail breaking my iPhone X iOS 14.3. It says error getting passcode state (parsing error )
    Kindly help..I’m stuck

  8. You should do all steps to show us how doing it! Most of viewers doesn’t know what u talking about in some steps specifically when u say “ive done already” I’m one of urs fans and like everything u post, thats just my observation for u, thanks🌹

  9. Hey 👋
    Can you make a video on iphone SE 2 jailbreak?
    I tried to jail break it using checkra1n but the phone isn’t supported.

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