I have one more thing to say about Apple’s M1 chip

The Apple “One More Thing” event was a total blast to watch, but there is one more thing I’d like to say to Apple. So I made a video talking about it. But let me be annoyed at their “3X better than the best-selling PC” kind of remarks. They make absolutely no sense to the average customer and neither do they make sense to tech enthusiasts like you and me.

I’ve talked about their M1 chip and what the transition from X86 to ARM means and how it might be a bit slower for some developers, including Adobe and their Photoshop app. I’ve used the Craig meme, because that was one of the highlights of the show and I’ve joked about gaming on a Mac, but of course, the casual gamer will most definitely enjoy playing Among Us, Baldur’s Gate and all the games from Apple Arcade. The time stamps should help you navigate this clip easier, but I’d appreciate it if you’d watch the entire thing — even if you play it as a podcast episode.

I mean, if you had a Macbook Air or Macbook Pro with up to 20 hours of battery life, you could for sure binge watch all of my episodes at this point. But okay, let’s just see how powerful these chips are for Music and Video Production, for basic spreadsheet and document editing…because that’s important too.


0:00 – Welcome to Sidescrollers
0:30 – Apple Silicon, the Apple M1 Chip
0:55 – Craig is a total meme
1:05 – All the M1 Chip laptops
1:15 – Mac Mini, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro M1
1:38 – Macbook Air won’t be sold with an Intel chip
1:51 – Macbook Air actually comes in two M1 variants
2:15 – The M1 Chip Discussion
3:00 – New Mac Mini, Macbook Air & Pro Pricing
3:34 – Apple’s 5nm chip is powerful
3:55 – Making the switch from X86 to ARM
4:08 – Apple M1 Gaming – Can it run Crysis?
4:30 – MacOS Big Sur
4:45 – How powerful is this chip?
5:20 – Apple vs “PC” – extremely vague
8:37 – Apple vs PC and Laptop chips
9:33 – Apple M1 Gaming
9:49 – Apple M1 Music and Video Production
10:29 – Apple M1 Photoshop (delay)
11:00 – Apple M1 Software from the get-go
11:30 – No 10 Gig Ethernet on the Mac Mini
11:45 – No Thunderbolt 4 and eGPU support
12:28 – Should I buy one? Should you?
12:57 – Craig is still here and my final thoughts

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  1. I never go by marketing. lol A lot of these company's marketing is terrible. What I am excited for though is video editing performance on the arm chips along with apples T2 chip that helps with h.265 encoding. The Ipad pro actually had better playback than the Mac pro. Only wish it had the IO of the last gen Mini. No 10gb ethernet and usb ports leaves no room for faster direct NAS connection or faster usb c Portable SSDs. Again most pros would usually stay a generation behind for stability. 🙂

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