Many people think that it is easier to get started with iOS than Android, and this is obviously a wrong view. There are many functions in iOS, even some settings, even old fruit powder have not heard of, such as the following …

Close app score popup

I believe that every user using iOS will encounter this situation: using an app, a pop-up window asking for a score pops up, like this:


It is estimated that most people, like me, rarely go to the App Store to rate apps or games. Actually, this reminder can be turned off


“Settings”-“iTunes store and App store”, find “in-app ratings and reviews”, close!

Increase iPhone Sound

Even if I turned the volume up to the maximum, I still feel that the iPhone’s sound is too low.


“Settings”-“Music”-“Equalizer”-After selecting the setting “Late Night”, you will find that the sound becomes louder

Spotlight search

Spotlight search is provided in the iOS system, which is at the top of the widget page. In fact, it is very useful.


Search for holidays, exchange rate conversions, digital calculations, and more. I believe it will improve your efficiency

Siri Listening to Songs

When it comes to listening to songs and music, your first thought may be to find a special application. In fact, you can do it with Siri.


After calling out Siri, first ask her “what song”, Siri will tell you the result after capturing the music of the environment, convenient and accurate

All of the above four skills, you know that you are a great god, only know a few of them, and see how many people there are