Apple Support. Answers are Banned. Questions too.

Check out Apple Support Toxic Forums for Yourself:

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  1. Typical TYRANTS at work. This is what happens when you design a captive audience that cannot escape easily. DROP APPLE! They are traitors is enough reason for me.

  2. Your "rant" was "How do I get an answer" expression. Maybe you could have asked "is there a place for Apple policies?"

  3. i think there might be a semantic component to this particular incident. How do i get an answer would suggest that you have been ignored and are frustrated. The less ambiguous phraseology would be who can I ask to find out such and such or where should I go to inquire about this or that. Sure, they are possibly being insincere but it's conceivable that they read your post as complaining that you have gotten the runaround and thus it was labeled as a rant.

  4. You should create your own forum where people can and will actually help each other with iphone, i pad, problems. you create it, it will be be yours, and apple can't tell you what you can or can not post on it.

  5. They have a new ideology. It is called iPostmodernism. Has to do with iDentity politics. Deplatforming is their iThing.

  6. I'm Stupid, but if Apple are being shts, why not just buy another phone, they only have the power because you guys make them think, there important.

  7. wished i could get an answer from microsoft about windows10. they have no answers…try our help — no help. w10 ate my on board memory. i have to clear as much as i can daily because the in w10 auto clear crapware failed one month in. w10 keeps overloading with incomplete updates but can't because lack of memory. the memory look error. so after months of useless help i added a "D" drive to be able to save my data that did clear my memory a bit. needed to vent, sorry to bother.

  8. The support forum serves as a vehicle to let them know if they could be facing a new class action lawsuit. From a business perspective this will be at the top of their thinking while we only want to get straight answers.

  9. I think they took the capital letters in your message as an indication of a rant. Just my observation. Sad that they cannot come clear on policy. I guess they need to protect themselves from potential future lawsuits. Just a thought.

  10. Apple is completely pafectic.. They seam to rely on people breaking there phones just so they can sel another another one.. We had iPhone 5 it was in garante and and one ou two months to run out.. They replace it with a phone that never worked properly. I got so fed up with the phone that I have up on Apple..

  11. If people keep buying their products…….Apple will continue this charade. Sales tell them they are doing what the customer wants. Stop buying their stuff, and they will change or go out of business……It's really the customers fault…..Quit being Apples butt boys & girls…It's just that simple..

  12. at this point Apple is nothing more than a cult for weak minded fools with no technical knowledge about hardware.

  13. Hey. I have an Ipod classic 160gb 7th generation. I need a new logic board and have no idea where to get the part. Ifixit doesn't have it available anymore…

    What had happened was I was plugging it in to charge it and I broke the pins in the charging port… I managed to open the thing up and I was told that I need a new logic board for it. And I was told that I should change the battery as well; while I have it apart.

    Where can I get a logic board for this thing?

    I really like this iPod for listening to audiobooks… It's perfect! I don't know how to listen to audiobooks on an android……

  14. HI Jessa
    I think that a company that gets too big to talk to it’s customers and give intelligent answers to questions about its products has reached to status of “TOO BIG TO SURVIVE”.
    Be interesting to see how long they last.

  15. It’s another way AI is changing the world, I don’t think there are actual employees hitting delete….the machine is doing everything.

  16. all roads to Apple support don’t lead back to the community forum. You need to contact Apple support directly on the phone. If you mess around in community forums you’re just talking to other Apple users, you are not speaking to official Apple support

  17. If the phone has unauthorized modifications, meaning it has parts within or labor performed that was done by other than an Apple authorized service provider, it voids the warranty. Period.

  18. You rock! Keep shining light on the dumbassery that goes on at the Apple "support forum". Who in the hell decided that this was a good way to handle customer concerns about data recovery?!? Is it REALLY that hard to tell the owner of a 1000 dollar device that they may have options to recover important data?

  19. Wouldn't it make sense to use their own playbook against them? Everyone who believes in Right To Repair should sign up to the Apple Forum, never post, but just flag all those replies that give the standard false ideology. If only 1 or 2, or even 10 do that, Apple would probably blow it off. 100,000, 1,000,000, 10,000,000 should get some sort of message across. If it drops the power user parrots out of the forum, or gets the forum mods to be tossed, well, that has to be good, right? Might even make Kilted Tim sit up and take notice.

    Nah, they'll just figure out a way to vet forum applicants. But it'd be fun while it lasted.

    BTW, I never wanted any Apple products exactly because of the rabidity of the culture and the lack of freedom with your own files. I value that freedom way more than any spiel (double talk) from a manufacturer.

  20. Just found your channel and great stories you are making people happy. Keep up the great work cause that's how we fight these greedy sobs.

  21. I guess if your question can't be answered by anyone in the community, or anyone in the whole Apple company (maybe except Tim Cook), which is probably why they removed it. Really disgusting that they refuse to have a clear policy regarding this issue.

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