iOS 14.3 New HIDDEN Features !

iOS 14.3 hidden features, new hidden iOS 14.3 features & more.iOS 14.3 has been released. iOS 14.3 has a lot of new features and changes . iOS 14.3 is now available for download to the public.

iOS 14.3 brings support for AirPod max, new app clips features, ProRaw and more new features and some awesome hidden features.


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?iOS 14 Custom Charging SOUND:

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?iOS 14 App Library – Tips & Tricks:

?HIDDEN Features Coming to iOS 14:

?Things You Didn’t Know iOS 14 Can Do:

?New Apps You Must Download:

?NEW iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know:

?10 Apps You Never Heard Of:

?Calibrated iPhone Battery:

?iOS 14 Full Review: 300+ Features:

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  1. Great seeing apple adding more subtle but definitely welcome features to iOS 14. What are you guys hoping for the most in future updates?

  2. Does turning off the WiFi and Bluetooth actually turns it off completely or not? Can I set a custom ringtone or MP3 file downloaded on to your device without the help of either iTunes, PC or Garageband? Can you multitask and work with two apps at the same time like Android? Is there an equaliser for the music player? Tapping a link on social media (for example YouTube) launches the app or goes to Safari or Chrome? Can you customise the 1st-party app like height, swipe typing, themes, colours, etc.? How robust is the Files app i.e. compatible with most third-party apps? Are the camera settings still located in Settings or within the app itself? If iOS can do all of these I'm gonna jump ship now.

  3. From around 7:30 to 8:30 at least an entire 60 seconds… didn’t he repeat everything like 2 times? I’m confused. There’s a lot of fluff to make the video longer than 10 minutes… which is where $ is, but would rather you fill the time with actual information

  4. How many people were watching this on an Apple device and sighed when he said “hey Siri”. All devices instantly activated Siri

  5. iOS 14.3. SX max. – does not switch from WiFi to cellular data unless you turn off phone and restart. ?

  6. Can you please improve file manager on iPadOS and iOS? I want to fetch all video,pdf,mp3 files from iphone or iPad(video file stored in) I want to get the list of all video files which are stored in iPhone internally. I want to show all the video files in my application. How can I get a list of all the video,mp3,pdf files? Can you please implement this feature from android Samsung devices. It’s useful. Thanks

  7. For the code scanner that isn’t new, even in the older update if u went into your camera and scanned a code it worked

  8. Hey Ireveiws! I wanted to know if you knew a fix for live FaceTime photos on the lock screen turning black when you 3D Touch them? I figured if anyone would know it’d be you! Thanks

  9. Hi, I upgraded to 14.3 and overnight the battery goes out 5-7%, with 14.2 I didn't have this problem! do you have any idea what to do

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