7 Tips for Using Zoom on an iPad or iPhone

Everyone is using ZOOM! And while most folks are using Zoom on their PC or Mac computer, you can download the free app for your iPad or iPhone. Here are 7 tips for using the Zoom app on your iPad or iPhone to make your experience even better!

0:20 Bonus tip
1) 0:29 Giving Permission
2) 1:29 Always MUTE microphone, always turn OFF video
3) 3:24 iPhone “Safe Driving Mode”
4) 4:06 Know when folks join & leave your meeting
5) 4:49 Pick how you listen to the meeting
6) 5:55 You have two cameras to choose from
7) 6:28 Sharing is Caring

Check out the follow-up video: “3 MORE Tips for Using Zoom on an iPad or iPhone” https://youtu.be/VSVYNK632io

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  1. Hi, I host from a Mac using PowerPoint slide shows. iPad users have the chat box come up right in the middle of the screen, can’t move or resize it so they have to keep closing the chat to see the next slide, reopen chat to send their comments then close the chat again to see the next slide. Very frustrating for them. Is there any workaround? I doubt they have actual zoom accounts, just the app .

  2. What are your recommended steps to sharing a keynote in zoom on an ipad ? I found I lose my ability to see the participants when I do it

  3. Wn using the IPad with the magic keyboard the screen is horizontally and the Camara is located at the right side of the screen so you can’t see the eyes of the people you are talking to and, if you want them to see you straight you have to look at the right side of the screen. Unless removing the ipad from the keyboard and flipping it to the vertical position I have not been able to solve this issue. If you have please let me know what to do, thanks

  4. Yes this trick I got thanks but in my iPad there’s no page for personalised meeting room . I opened zoom the a button came just join meeting . In that case what will I do?

  5. Thanks. I want to increase the volume when i am using Zoom on my android tablet but i cant access audio settings. Can you help?

  6. Please help with getting screen again as a choice when doing share content. My ipad has now ios 14.4 and zoom is also updated.

  7. Hello, this video helped me a lot, but I have a doubt, can I receive a file through the meeting chat in my iPad?, it doesn’t work for me

  8. My own image on an iPad zoom call only fills the middle section of my 'box'. How can I get my image to fill the space?

  9. Hello in my zoom meetings someone else is a host and im the co host. When the host screen shares I see the other meeting people as a strip at the bottom of the screen, is there any way to see everyone on gallery view while the host shares their screen?

  10. hi, how do I turn off invert video? i know you can do it on a computer but i’m not sure how to do it on an ipad.

  11. How can I add more than one host so that if I am unavailable to host a meeting, someone else can take over for me?

  12. Thank you so much for the helpful tips. I was wondering if I can get more then 12 people showing.
    We use Zoom a lot for our sewing club meetings, and I can’t get everyone on Zoom …..say around 30.
    Thank you. Cindy

  13. Hi,
    When Iam starting recording on zoom My zoom stop broadcast and stop recording can you plz solve my this problem
    I m using iPhone 7 Plus

  14. Thank you so much for your videos. I really appreciate you taking the time to put them together. Very helpful and interesting.

  15. When I use the zoom app in an ipad and am in a meeting (turn off video and audio) and open youtube to play a required video, the sound in the video is so suppressed. Is there anyway to remove this suppression? I tried original audio, but it did not help.

  16. How do I record my meetings with iPad on the zoom app? I don’t even see the record option. Thanks. Awesome video

  17. Very helpful! Thank you! How do I add participants to a meeting I'm in, but where I'm not the host? Passcodes?

  18. When I go to share screen, Photos and iCloud share, but Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive do not. How do I get them to share????

  19. Your video is so helpful. It is exactly what I was looking for. I must say that your teaching style is so friendly and pleasant. I just subscribed to your channel. Mentors like you is what the world need! Peace to you and your loved ones!

  20. If I turn the “ leave and join sound” on, the participants can hear the ring sound? Or only the host could heard it? Thanks for help and information 🙏

  21. When I use my iPad my picture is skinny and when I use my Mac computer it is wider and 2 of us can be seen which is what we would like so we don’t have to pass the iPad back and forth others on the call that use iPads have wider pictures but we don’t know why mine is different

  22. My participant needs to use internal audio on an iPad. I there a way she can set to share iPad audio? She is playing music as well as speaking.

  23. As a public middle school teacher in nyc, I profusely thank you!!! The learning curve is sharp and well, sadly it's December 2020 and we're still dealing with it.

  24. To me my video shows mirrored when mirrored option is turned off and when I turn it on my video seems to be normal but to others it’s mirrored in both options

  25. Is it possible to select one of the participants and pass the "host" mode to someone else on mobile zoom?

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