The MOST OVERPOWERED Senna Builds That Pros Are ABUSING – League of Legends

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  1. i am maining senna and people keep calling me a troll for picking her in support. they change their minds when i help them win…by oneshoting oponents with no kills and no farm

  2. One of the runes that I take is Glacial Augment when I go for Supp Senna. I do not use it for the items that shoots a freeze ray. I use it for the basic aa then using her Q then W for a full combo and another aa. The slow increase strength over its duration, so the moment you go for the trade you hit her W about 85% of the time you do it, even if they dodge it, they are slowed down for free aa or a full combo from your Adc. And if you hit all of it, that is a slow then a root guaranteed, that opens up for an all in with your Adc. Senna's base stats are strong in the laning phase so abusing this fact is very punishing to misplaying laners.
    This play style depends on the enemy champions and the play style of your Adc. Champions with minimal movement speed or no movement skills (like ez, lucian) are severely punished by this build. Champions who can all in very early in the game synchronized with this build disgustingly good. In the mid to late game, the slow is still very valuable in clashes and skirmishes plus her poke.
    This rune gives Senna another cc to contribute in the early to late game.
    One of the drawbacks is obviously the damage in the late game but by that point your adc is fed enough to cover for it and your cc is very good, so your role in the mid and late is poke, cc, and protecting your allies with heals and shields. Another drawback is the playstyle, if you can't adapt a aggressive playstyle, then this isn't for you, because this playstyle gives incentive for players who likes to all in frequently and punish small mistakes really hard. Knowing when to back off is key to this play style, so determining if your jng and enemy jng is benefitial to this play style is something to keep in mind. One drawback are cleanse and Mercurial Scimitar, it is self explanatory why this is a counter.
    I am still experimenting with this rune but so far it is very strong throughout the game and enemies are so salty at the end because of how absurd the slow then root is and they can be catch off guard by the damage afterwards.

  3. credit me for this Black Cleaver and PTA Senna build. 😛 I wasn't ever credited for the manamune meta for kai'sa and kayle either, but it would be nice if.. idk. fuck it i don't care. just say yall did it, ran the numbers, checked in on the koreans, etc. doesn't matter. nobody knows who i am anyways.

  4. yeah i just tested it. if you're not going PTA with Black Cleaver first item, you're playing Senna wrong. PTA stacks super quick, and Black Cleaver grants 2 stacks per auto, and 2 stacks on everything she Qs.. so if you hit multiple ppl with Q.. it will reduce everyone's armor by 8% right away… the W grants 1 Cleaver stack, but does not give PTA stacks. it's not difficult to proc PTA with Senna… Just 2 autos and 1 Q…ain't that hard.. generally you want to auto, then run up a little to get a good position for Q, then Q auto. It doesn't automatically reset, like.. you can't just auto Q auto instantly every time(you'd have to wait for the wind-up animation of the second auto). instead, after your first auto, you have time to move around a bit to position for an optimal Q, and if you've waited long enough(around half a second), the next auto immediately after Q should skip the wind-up animation so that it's instant.

    I can understand why people like muramana on her now.. kind of like..even more busted than ezreal.. I mean Ezreal's Q does 12% his current mana pool in dmg, similar to the way Senna's Q does 12% her current mana pool in dmg…except in an AoE… but on top of THAT.. her normal auto-attacks also do 12% of her current mana pool in damage.. which is absolutely crazy. but tbh… I think instead of being selfish and taking advantage of muramana on-hit dmg.. Sennas should be taking advantage of being able to stack up Black Cleaver for her team. I guess she can get manamune too.. but idk.. it's reallllly selfish. that would mean she won't have black cleaver and umbral glaive until late game…Black Cleaver is gonna help the team a lot more.. especially when you combine it with the %dmg bonus PTA gives to the team.

  5. i think umbral glaive is like.. made for her.. i'd think most support senna would be rushing that as it's the only real AD support item in the game. but there's also black cleaver.. which again.. all senna's should be using. at first, you'd think she wouldn't be able to stack it up real quick cuz of shit AS.. but her Q should work to help stack it just fine. not to mention you can shred the armor of entire teams with it… considering it's the only armor pen item in the game that works as a 6 second debuff…it should be an obvious pick up for senna. as for runes.. idk.. I'm thinking press the attack would be the best offensive rune. I think it would work much better than hail of blades anyways. Senna Q also stacks PTA, or so i've read. so it just takes 2 AAs and a Q to proc PTA…I'm going to have to try it. Either way, I think Umbral Glaive should be a no-brainer pick-up every senna should get.. Cleaver, well.. it would depend.. it has a lot of desirable stats like 20cdr 40ad 400hp, and the fact that the armor shred benefits the whole team is very appealing. with that and umbral glaive, you could go either athene's, dusk, edge of night, or youmuu's. lots of options really i guess crit is also an option…but if ur already stacking armor pen, probably would be better to just stick to that. I'd only consider crit if it was in my original build plan like…maybe i get ER in the core somewhere early. I think manamune is a decent pick-up for scaling, but i think as a support it would be better to rush the main ad support items…there's really only 2 of them so idk why you guys didn't mention them. feels weird to get manamune without building triforce or guinsoos. i mean, manamune is very niche… the upgraded muramana does feel really nice with bork. 8%their current hp + 6%your current mp every hit.. too bad Sheen is absolute dogshit on her. I mean it would own if the dmg she collected from mist counted as base dmg, but it doesn't. and guinsoo's doesn't really benefit her strengths all that much. i think getting AS on her is a waste tbh, so i wouldn't get bork either. I mean.. manamune is a nice thought, and it does kind of work with her by itself…just…i don't see any real reason to get it. It works best as an item combination that scales. getting it by itself is kind of a waste when you could have rushed something more useful earlier. she can only crit for 130% rather than the normal 200%, even with IE it's still only 146%.. as for her AS it's even worse.. the fact that you only see a third of your total bonus AS isn't even the real problem. It's more so the way her attack animation is front-loaded…like, she has 0.2 base attack speed to work with… meaning.. she needs like.. 200% bonus AS just to reach 1 attack every second… 200% bonus AS that might as well have been flushed down the toilet. It's not even possible to max out her AS in a normal game. Supposedly it takes 869.5%
    bonus AS…whereas any other normal champion requires 300% at MOST. She's much better off just getting flat AD. Seems dumb to me, but I guess it's supposed to be that way since she's a support. wouldn't even get PD or stormrazor…and hail of blades? wtf were those guys thinking.. i know it says she's got 0.6 attack speed on her chart, but her base attack speed is .2. POINT TWO. base attack speed is what bonus attack speed scales off of. that .6 is the result of a lvl 1 bonus AS "buff" to make her attack animation front-loaded. blows my mind why anyone would even bother trying hail of blades on senna more than once after seeing her attack speed go from .625 to .835 …like they know the rune doesn't like…do anything right?

  6. The entire first 4:30 of the video are completely worthless, and you KNEW that 1/3 of the video would be worthless, so why highlight a build that became impossible to use not even 2 weeks later? So stupid.
    Throughout the entire video you compare the other options to Kleptomancy. "You could do this, but you could also just pick Klepto"… Literally a week before that rune disappears completely.

  7. Trying to discuss whats the best rune on senna without even mentioning the rune that is actually the best on senna i see. Tsk tsk. Clearly i am ahead of the game cus it seems i am the only one who is running dark harvest on senna. However i am more than happy to know the way while you peasants play catch up with your hail of blades and your little pet aery.

  8. I got True Dmg Senna in a S+ chest. Only reason I got her. I normally never get a new champ on release with blue essence. But for a skin like that, its worth :p

  9. I personally like Summon Aery with Precision in second, for the huge extra mana u'll get now with the changes in presence of mind. In games with many melee champs or even one-shot assassines i take resolve with guardian and secondary Precision again with presence of mind. 🙂

  10. I've done a lot of testing, and Grasp of the Undying is absolutely busted on her. Thought Grasp was good on Gangplank? Try 1300 range Grasp procs! XD

    It's totally broken, and I can't see how it won't be nerfed somehow.

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