Top Cydia Tweaks iOS 11.3.1 – 11.4 Jailbreak for Electra!

BEST iOS 11.3.1 – iOS 11.4 Top Cydia Tweaks after Electra Jailbreak on 11.3.x! Best Electra Compatible 11.3.1 Cydia Tweaks of 2018 available HERE: ? ?

► Jailbreak 11.3.1 NO Computer:
► Jailbreak 11.3.1 WITH PC:
► Top 44 iOS 11.3.1 tweaks:

Stay tuned for more Top Jailbreak iOS 11.3.1 Cydia Tweaks coverage, as well as full jailbreak tutorials for 11.3.1 through iOS 11.4.

** YouTube: Jailbreaking is 100% legal under the DMCA. Discussing iOS Updates is LEGAL. **

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  1. Can you plz help me im on ios 11.4 beta 3 it always give pop up to update i have also downloaded badiosbad but not working plz help me sir

  2. I have an issue using tweaks. I can download them but I can’t find where it’s downloaded. Simply Put, I can’t customize any tweak I install

  3. ICU i have a X on 11.3.1 ive tried 2 of your recommended tweaks fluid enable and flame, neither work!

  4. Man I’m on 11.4 beta 3 still no luck with Cydia hopefully it comes on a random try . Been trying to get cydia since yesterday hopefully I can become apart of the cydia crew miss the tweaks I’ll try at random times to see what happens

  5. CyDown is also compatible. You can customize Cydia a little bit and any tweak, package or app that you have to buy you can download it free

  6. What I didn’t like is
    everyone says this will work for iphone 7 but it doesn’t the ispw that is in the link
    Is not compatible the ispw file is actually for the 8 not the 7

  7. Hmmm for some reason once I activate dark mode on eclipsex for cydia it remove my red lettering

  8. I’m on 11.4 beta 3, and I’m having trouble seeing my recently updated apps in the App Store, can you not update apps ?

  9. Duplicate error… Feel like you're ignoring or just postponing a "fix coming soon" video then just several vids teasing a fix…

  10. luv ur vids as u knw but we need help man ur loseing us and i dnt wanna let u go but ive been let down man so pllls help us ur the best at this how is it tht u vloggers get it so fast and smooth and we cant im exhausted

  11. What method is everyone using to jailbreak? Not sure if I want to use my computer or a 3rd party app like tweakbox or ignition? I’m not sure what to use please help

  12. Anyone who’s found the ipsw for the 7/+, can you please respond here with the link to it?

  13. Tweaks for what ? been trying to get it to jailbreak for over 2 days with over 500 tries and same issue : ERROR EXPLOIT

  14. Hey everyone if you’re having a problem where you hook your phone to your car and it says unsupported reply to this and I can tell you how to fix it. It’s not even hard but god was it irritating trying to play music and having it keep saying unsupported after playing music for 30 seconds

  15. It’d be real nice if you would include the repo sources for the tweaks, we can’t exactly download every individual tweak with the same default repos. ??‍♂️


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