The Most Motivational Talk – Tim Cook’s Secret to Success

It’s time to discover, accept and change!
Einstein said, “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.”
Experience the logic of truth from these amazing speakers around the world.
With their logics, they’ll help you do things differently making you to change.
Tim Cook
Brock Hewitt Chromak-A Ray In The Dark
Brock Hewitt-Growing Beyond Perception
Epic Soul Factory-Everdream

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  1. Juxtapose this with the Apple factory suicide nets and $50,000.00 Mac Pros… The pace at which Cook talks is no different to an Apple event. The narcissistic personality type language becomes so painfully obvious when you realize this. Don't find your motivation from a trillion dollar companys CEO. Forstall was the closest thing to Steve and the biggest threat to Cook – so he had to go. Business is cut throat, survival of the fittest, they should preach that instead – at least it'd be honest.

  2. Tim Cook is one of the most influential human beings and CEOs that is redefining what it means for a company to be ethically responsible in giving back to the planet and the people. Wanting to give value and improving people’s life and not just going after profit.

  3. Hello, everyone!
    Leaving a comment really helps! Hope you guys really enjoy this video too, it changed my life.

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